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Paid PostApr 3, 2017

13 Little Things We Can All Learn From Clean Eating Alice

Welcome your new health-and-fitness guru.

1. You *really* can work out anywhere. Like, seriously, anywhere.

2. Your food Instagram shots will always look better if you take them from above.

3. Healthy living should be a state of being rather than just something you do to achieve a certain body or look.


It may surprise you how much more motivated a little change in perspective will make you feel.

4. Friends really are there to lean on.

5. Packed lunches don't have to be boring and bland.

6. Exercise is a great way to feel powerful in your body.


No matter how fit you are, exercise allows you to set goals and achieve them. At the end of the day, it's not about attaining an ideal from a magazine; it's about feeling victorious.

7. Moderation is the key to living a healthy life.

8. Variety is the spice of life...

9. ...and you'll feel instantly more accomplished when you try something that you've never done before.


Bonus: When you pick up something new, the bar is instantly set low so you'll spend your first few weeks hitting PBs left, right, and centre.

10. There is nothing better than that post-workout feeling.

11. A workout can be like a therapy session (but without the hefty price tag).

12. Healthy food = colourful food.

13. And finally, *never* underestimate what your body is capable of.

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