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    • tristesia

      My daughter was 4 yo when she was in the kitchen with me and started telling me “I remember playing with my grandma but she wasn’t my grandma then, and we were playing in the field behind our grandpas house and our white dog was with us, and I fell from a tree and hurt my leg because the bone was poking out by my toes, and my sister who is my grandma now ran and got grandpa and they took me to the hospital and that’s how I got this scratch” as she was pointing at her birth mark by her toe. We called my aunt in law 2 States away, who raised my husband when his own mother died when he was 4 years old, and retold her the story. she was quiet a long time and finally said “That was me and Marlene. Marlene broke her foot and I ran and got grandpa to carry her. I forgot all about that, but how does she know this story?” Our daughter just shrugged and said “I just remember is all”.

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