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    • tristanfinleyc

      Being an extremely short female (as I was one, till I transitioned to male, which only exacerbated the height issues… )  1. People patting you on the head or picking you up. (Yes.)
      2. You get one picked-over rack of clearance shoes in a sale at MOST.
      3. You are never allowed to grow up.
      4. Every petites line of clothing leaves you looking like a Stepford wife soccer mom.
      5. Because you have to pay twice for clothes, when half the clothes you wear need hemming.
      6. Because hugging means a face full of someone’s boobage…
      7. Please, a skirt that hits above the knee??
      8. No one can see you dancing, or falling, or being trampled… enter crowd with caution.
      9. Do short girls do this? … When every first date is with a guys chest or belly.
      10. Being the same waist size as your friends, but looking like a stout dwarf.
      11. Coming riiiiight up to most other peoples chests.
      12. The decision to wear flats is a full fledged discussion on how serious you want to be taken or what salary you want to make.
      13. Blood circulation being cut off in your legs in practically ever seating arrangement, for the rest of your life.
      14. Being smaller than everyone in your life, in a culture where littleness is utilized to … well… belittle things.
      15. Trends aren’t anyone’s friends… but most supermodels are taller than shorter.
      16. Don’t feel bad, EVERYONE is taller, its never a good seat. (Thank you theatres that have tiered seating!!)
      17. People meeting you for the first time always saying “You’re so short!” and you’re like, “…Yep!” and they’re like, “How old are you! Oh, look at you working! I don’t think you can help me with this, but…” and you’re like, “I could fucking talk circles around you, bitch.” … wait, where were we? Oh right, I mean… being an extreme in any one direction sucks. We should have more compassion and consideration for others, and recognize that bodies are what we are dealt … You can feel sorry for yourself that you’re extremely tall… or you can own it. No one fucks with the person who owns what they have.

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