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    • trishat

      So many people in here are blasting a story in a book that never claimed to be a how-to-manual for BDSM. However, what this story has done (in spite of all the inaccuracies) is bring kinky sex out of the shadows and into the bedrooms of couples everywhere who may have otherwise never found the courage to experiment. Finally, some of the raciest, naughtiest, and traditionally taboo sex has reached the mainstream and people are not about to let it go back to the shadows any time soon! Who cares if a bunch of fumbling couples confused about the roles, running around with paddles and fuzzy hand cuffs, giggling their asses off with the realization they are utterly clueless. What an amazing experience to share as a couple which will bring them closer in the long run as they admit perhaps further investigation may be necessary. I hope Google is ready to bring up some really steamy and naughty search results when thousands of people start searching.

      For so long sex has been a very private matter between couples who thought that BDSM was some bizarre torture that only the sickest of people would participate. I for one am super happy to know that the 50 Shades of Grey books have enlightened so many while removing so much stigma. I am certain that any book capable of making a huge percentage of the population horny as hell, can’t be a bad thing.

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