5 Reasons A Trip To Mars Is Out Of This World

I went to Mars and I liked it. You too can say you went to Mars without applying to the NASA program.

You thought I meant the planet?! Mars, Pennsylvania! It is about 25 miles north of Pittsburgh.

But you can still say you went to Mars!

5. Folks in this town have fun with the name.

4. Sometimes you feel like you are really there. If I lived in negative temperatures on Mars, I’d want my travel to include the beach or Disney!

3. Team Names! Mars Alien Attack Lacrosse

Andy the Alien

Mars High School Fightin’ Planets

2. You never know when you’ll spot an alien!

And anyone you talk to could be considered a “Martian”.

1. You will definitely see a spaceship!

That sometimes gets a makeover…

May Peace Prevail On Earth…And Mars

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