5 Air Fresheners For Foodies

Just in case you want your car to smell like food…even though most of use air fresheners to get the food smell out.

1. It is always time for an ooey, gooey bowl of Macaroni & Cheese!

Get this cheesiness at GadgetsAndGear.

2. Feel like getting baked? Cherry Pie.

You know what I mean…satisfy that craving here.

3. Is something burning? My car on fire? Nope, just my Toast.

Get toasted through NeatoShop.

4. Your car can also smell like a movie theater with Buttered Popcorn.

This popped up at NeatoShop.

5. Corn Dog?!

This scent didn’t last though. Apparently it is too funky for most.

Sushi…Someone really wants their car to smell fishy? Don’t worry…

That one has a forest scent instead. :)

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