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Check This List Of Classic Cakes Which Is Hard To Ignore On Christmas

Christmas is perhaps the only time when the whole world loves celebrating with a piece of cake. For any other festival you may miss the bite of a cake but not on Christmas. If you ask about the specific cake for Christmas, the answer is dry fruit cake. Do you know why? Christmas falls in the middle of winter season when fresh fruits are not available and therefore dry fruits are used. One more fact worked behind this dry fruit cake and that is – from 13th Century when dry fruits were made available in UK through the Portuguese people, they were incorporated in to cake baking yielding great results. Check this list of cakes that cannot be ignored in Christmas season.

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1. -Pan de Pascua


It’s a special cake from Chile where it is also considered as an Easter bread. Various dry fruits are included in this cake where you would also find traces of rum. Now, you would be served this cake along with cola de mono which is a boozy coffee drink.

2. -Galette des Rois


It’s a tempting cake from the creative French kitchen. It is generally served in France in 6th January because they believe on twelfth day of Jesus’s birth, those three men visited Jesus. Basically, this Galette des Rois is a flaky cake with lots of almond filling inside the cake. In today’s modern time, a plastic trinket is kept inside this cake and the one who gets this piece of trinket is believed to be lucky soon.

3. -Panettone


The birthplace of this delicacy is Italy and to be specific it was Milan, the fashion capital of the world that gave this cake to us. One would find many home and restaurants serving this cupola shaped cake for Christmas with wine or hot drinks during Christmas week.

4. -Rum Cake


This rum cake belongs to Jamaica where flour is mixed generously with rum and nutmeg, cinnamon, and lime. The look resembles a chocolate cake but it is a dry cake made to celebrate on Christmas with loved ones in tow.

5. -Japanese Christmas Cake


Generally, fruit cakes are dry in nature but Japanese knows to do things differently. A sponge cake is made and it is topped with whipped cream and cut strawberries. So, you get a good bite of dry, soft, and creamy cake.

6. -Allahabadi Cake


As understood by the name, this is a Christmas Special Cake that originated in Allahabad of Uttar Pradesh, India. Petha (Soft sweet candy), clarified butter or ghee, nutmeg, mace, ginger, cinnamon, fennel, and a few dry fruits are incorporated to bake this cake. But the USP of this cake is rum which renders a unique taste to this cake.

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