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    • trinityc3

      As with all online reviews,Ilook at reviewers history before giving their review any weight.Itookalook at the Thai place’s Yelp reviews. Some of those one star reviews are written by people who have reviewed two or three other places in the same day. That’sabig red flag for me. You get this with Google reviews too. When my husband andIneeded some roof work done,Iended up passing on one company because the people that had given the company positive reviews had other positive reviews written on the same day for businesses hundreds of miles apart and in one caseaman reviewingagynecologist (?!?!?)-he hadarough day, plumbing work upstate, an appt with the gyno 200 miles away, emergency roof work near me and something to do with animals somewhere else.
      Iamaweb developer andItry to warn clients against hiring these “SEO” companies. Some listen, some don’t. If you look on freelance sites, you will see ads from these companies looking for people to write reviews. There are companies that do good, actual white hat SEO and marketing but they are few and far between. Just my2cents. BTW,Iwrite code only so there is no overlap with my work and the companiesIam writing about. They aren’t taking work from me butIfeel bad for my clients when they get taken foraride.

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