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    • trinity76

      Kristin and Sheridan, I feel your pain, having been there and done that (only, not being willing to post pictures of myself). I think the most empowering thing ANY of us who don’t fit the mold (tall and skinny) could do is start sewing our own clothes, freeing ourselves from being at the mercy of these companies that treat many of us as if we were second-class citizens, pushing designs that look good on only a minority of women, and behaving as if they are almost ashamed to sell to the rest of us (and that we should be grateful that they are willing to sell us shapeless polyester sacks). While sewing is time consuming and there’s a learning curve (especially associated with fitting more tailored garments), there are patterns available for all figure types and experience levels. Most knit garments don’t even need much fitting and many can be constructed in just a few hours.  And..sewing is a great creative outlet.  I got back into sewing a couple of years ago, after many years of buying all my clothing. And, it’s really spoiled me quality-wise; when I go into a ready to wear store or browse sites, most of the clothing available looks like total junk to me now.

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