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What It's Like To Be A Caribbean Student At A Foreign University

Is that...Snow?

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Moving into dorms is a process of negotiation.

What's a RA? SO I can't play soca/reggae after what time?

Finding a shelf to display your rum supply is vital.

You become the go-to pirate on your floor.

When you wake up the entire floor to experience your first snowfall because you've become a hysterical, small child.


You become the dorm floor attraction for a little while.

SPEAK! Say Butter.

The fact that noone knows you or your family is kind of liberating.


Convincing your floormates that your weird Caribbean snacks are what they've been waiting for.

Salt-prune? Tamarind ball? Rum cake?

The drinking age being 19 or 21 is almost insulting.

But I've been legal since I was like 13 back home. Believe me I can handle it.

You're usually one of two actual Caribbean residents in the Caribbean Student Association.

Oh your GREAT-Grandmother is from Jamaica...

Running out of your rum and having to settle a real fear.

Convincing club bouncers that your ID is from an actual country is a struggle.

I know it looks fake but it is a real country I swear.

People think you like to consume large bears.

oh you mean BEEEEERRR.

You realize "wining" looks like you're humping everything to non-caribbeans.

No, I'm dancing.

The stares you get when you speak in class.

Where. are. you. from.

Gravitating to other Caribbean students and creating an impenetrable tribe.

You cyah sit with us.

During winter, feeling like you're dying from frostbite and refusing to go to class during icy days.

w'the rass is black ice??

Despite the struggle being real, its super fun and an education in so many ways.

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