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20 Things You’d Be Surprised To Know About Trinidad + Tobago.

Rihanna's Neighbor, Kind Of. Also Nicki Minaj Is From Here, Kind Of.

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1. Nicki Minaj Is From There.

She was born here as Onika Tanya Maraj but moved to New York City when she was five. You’re welcome.

2. Rihanna's home island of Barbados and T&T have had a friendly rivalry for years.

I believe it has something to do with flying fish.

3. Steel Pan Is From There

It evolved from African percussion instruments called “Tamboo Bamboo” around the 1930's in Laventille, Trinidad. Eventually oil drums were used and the Steel Pan was born. The instrument can be heard in a ton of popular music today. Like The Little Mermaid and most recently in Clean Bandit's, "Come Over."

4. Trinidad is very ethnically diverse.

Everyone is mixed and our population today is the result of centuries of colonization and immigration. Example, I am ninth generation French Creole Trinidadian. In numbers, the percentages are 36.3% East Indian, 36.3% African, 24% Mixed, 0.7% White Creole(French, Portuguese, English, German, Dutch, Corsican) 0.3% Chinese, 0.1% Syrian and Lebanese.

5. Trinidad Carnival is HUGE

A French, African and Indian Hybrid. The biggest street party on earth. Way more inclusive than Rio Carnival and a seasonal event.

6. T+T's most famous music export, Machel Montano totally just did a song with Ariana Grande.

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machelmontanomusic / Via

7. Major Lazer's Jillionaire is from Trinidad

8. The Limbo Dance Is From There

13. CNN voted T&T's accent as one of the ten sexiest in the World.


Sex on a Pogo Stick.

19. Maya Angelou studied dance with Trinidadian dancer Pearl Primus and also performed professionally, singing and dancing to Calypso music, she even released an album!

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20. We've medalled at the Olympics thanks to athletes such as George Bovell III (swimming), Keshorn Walcott(Javelin), Richard Thompson(Athletics) and many more!

Trinbagonians, add anything else i forgot in the comment section!

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