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Ten Things That Happen When You Date A Caribbean Person

Take Notes, Mon.

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1. You will be introduced to Soca, Calypso and Reggae that isn't only Bob Marley. / Via Giphy

A lot of it.

2. You Will Meet Many Family Members, Sometimes All At Once. / Via

These are my cousins. *points to 100 people.

3. You Will Learn All The Caribbean Words Cool Runnings Could Never Teach You. / Via

I'm not a child or a horse.

4. You Will Follow Them Around A Foreign City Looking For The Best Caribbean Food It Has To Offer. / Via

Cabs Don't Go There.

5. Get Used to Friends Ignoring Your Presence As Soon As Your S.O. starts Speaking. / Via

Best. Accent. Ever.

6. You Will Not Understand Everything They Say, Especially When They're Mad At You. / Via

Well up your cyat also.

7. They Will Call Your Mother; "Auntie." / Via

8. In Order To Adapt You Will Learn How To Wine. / Via

Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture.

9. You May Wear Sequins At Some Point. / Via

One Word. Carnival.

10. They Will Look At You Like This A Lot. / Via


Most Of All, You’ll Have Intimate Access To A Unique and Colorful Culture. Plus The Food.

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