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20 Things White People From The Caribbean Are Tired Of Hearing

Are you an albino?

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1. Are your parents from Canada or like, Europe?


No, no they are not.

2. Are your grandparents from Canada or like, Europe?

Via Disney /

Nope, they are also pretty much from the Caribbean.

3. Why are you white?

Via SNL Studios /

I don’t know how to answer that


4. What about your great grandparents, where are they from?

Via Disney /

Go back about 300 years, we can start from there.

5. You sound like you’re from Wales.

Via Disney /

I hear that a lot, but nope, still from the Caribbean

6. Are you like an Albino Caribbean Person?



7. What is that even like?

Via Illumination Entertainment /

It's like being a human?


8. You sound like a different race over the phone, I can’t believe that was you!



9. Is your accent real, or are you just putting it on?

Via Touchstone Pictures /

Is your accent real?

10. Say Jamaican Bobsled Team…

Via BBC /


11. You’re so pale, don’t you live in the sun all the time?


Umm, stereotype much?


12. You look Russian, are you Russian?

Via HBO /

Didn’t we go over this already?

13. I have a friend from the Caribbean and she doesn’t look like you.

Via CBS /

Oh really? Fascinating.

14. You can’t be from the Caribbean, I think you’re lying.

Via Warner Bros. /

Oh no, you found me out.

15. Are you Asian?

Via Disney /



16. Are you South African?

Via Fox /

I’ll be whatever you want me to be, just stop talking.

17. Where did you live before your parents moved to the Caribbean?


I. am. from. there.

18. Were you actually born there?


Yes, would you like to see my birth certificate Mr. Trump?

19. You sound Jamaican.

Via PBS /

This is going to blow your mind, but the entire Caribbean does not reside in Jamaica.

20. This is so crazy, I've never met anyone like you before.

Via / NBC

OK, calm down.

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