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How To Party Like A Caribbean Person

It's Called Rum.

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1. Find A Parking Lot / Via gify

More room to palance .

2. Use Word of Mouth As Invites / Via

"I Heard About This Party From My Brother's Girlfriend's Cousin. He Got Me A Comp."

3. Call Everyone You've Ever Met To Get A Ride There Because, Parking. / Via

I Know We Haven't Spoken Since Kindergarten But Are You Going Tonight, Can I Get A Drop?

4. If You Have A Crew, Then Decide Who Will Drink The Least So They Can Drive Home / Via

Stale Drunk Means Sober In Our Language.

5. If The Party Starts At Nine Then Everyone Will Arrive At Midnight. / Via

Start Getting Ready At Nine.

6. Grab A T-Shirt, Rag and Blinking Cup On Your Way In / Via

I Need Five...For My Cats.

7. Procede To Say Hello To Everyone You Know In Life. / Via

Hi Mom.

8. If It's A "Wet Fete" Expect To Be Blasted By A Fire Hose At Some Point. / Via

Oh I love this song....SPLASH! F*&^$*!

9. Diplo Will Probably Be There / Via

Oh Look, Diplo....SPLASH! FU%^#^!

10. When You're In A Foreign Country Start Gyrating To Any Hint of Sean Paul. / Via

I'll Take It, Just Stop Playing Taylor Swift.

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