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30 Signs You're Obsessed With Pop Culture

It's a hard-knock life.

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There are a lot of us out there. The ones that spend their time either watching movies and TV shows or knowing every pop culture reference.

Memes, celebrity screw ups, all that stuff.

1. Your favourite season is awards season.

You're also super busy around this time since you have to watch all the nominated movies.

2. You have to cancel plans with people so you can live tweet an awards show.

3. When you meet new people and you have to decide when it's the right time for you to slip in a pop culture reference into the conversation.

4. And when you finally do, people have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

5. When you finally decide to let people know of how many TV shows you actually watch a week and they reply with "That's, like, a lot of TV."

Can I live?!

6. You get stressed when all your TV shows are on one night.

You have to carefully choose which ones to watch tonight and which ones to save for tomorrow when you're busy with work. Or, you know, just watch them all.

7. When you're trying to explain why a meme is so funny and the person just doesn't get it.

8. When you want to buy merch from your favourite TV show or movie even though you already have dozens of T-shirts and mugs.

"No, I definitely need another more things that say 'On Wednesdays, we wear pink.' I also need to get that magnet that says 'Four for you, Glen Coco.'"

9. When people ask you why you're so tired and you don't really want to admit it's because you binge-watched something on Netflix for 15 hours straight.

"Yeah, I'm totally tired because I spent last night partying and being a social person."

10. When you say something that you read on Tumblr and pass it off as your own joke or witty comment.

11. Your schedule revolves around premieres, finales, TV specials, and awards shows. Not other things, such as social events.

You want to get together on February 27? Yeah, that's when all of season 3 of 'House of Cards' is released so...

12. You countdown to Comic Con because you know that's when a plethora of videos of celebrities being cute and exclusive trailers are released.

13. Riveting conversations for you are analyzing movies.

"Did you notice that that character only wore blue?" "Did you notice the symbolism in that scene?"

14. When there's news about casting for a TV show or movie, the first thing you do is find somewhere on the internet to read opinions and share your own.

15. People go to you for answers about anything entertainment or pop culture related.

" what's the 'Bye, Felicia' meme?"

16. You judge a person if they love the shows you hate or if they hate the shows you love.

17. You have trouble finding people in real life that are as obsessed as you are, but when you do, you become instant best friends.

You can also find dozens online just like you.

18. When a celebrity couple breaks up, you have to mourn the relationship.


19. You are the one that can answer all the questions in a pop culture category during trivia night.

20. Even if you're in different time zones, you watch TV with your friends via Skype or FaceTime so you can still share the experience of freaking out over the latest episode of 'The Walking Dead.'

21. All your catchphrases come from pop culture.

22. You casually call famous people by their first name or their nickname.

"Remember Bobby De Niro in 'Meet the Parents'?"

23. If anything happens in celebrity news, you are the person that everybody texts to talk about it.


24. You ARE IMDB when someone asks you what else an actor has been in.

25. If you have free time, your to-do list includes rewatching your favourite movies or starting a new TV show.

26. It's very important to you that you and your friends sort each other into Hogwarts houses. And then you all take the Sorting Hat quiz on Pottermore and you're sorted into something completely different. You begin to question everything you knew before.

27. Sometimes you think you've watched something already even though it's because you've seen so many GIFS about it on Tumblr.

28. You can easily play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon without the help of IMDB or Google.

29. You've had meltdowns over TV shows ending or fictional characters dying.

30. People often don't understand when you're explaining why a movie series or a TV show is so important to you.

Pop culture enthusiasts are the best. We're the coolest.

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