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21 Times Sloths Were All Of Us

Just in case you forgot how awesome sloths are.

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1. When someone tells you to look natural to take a candid shot of you.


2. When you finally get to see your best friend.

3. When you see a picture of Ryan Gosling.

Becca Field / Via Huffington Post

4. When you're trying to dance like everybody else in the club.

5. When you've eaten too much and are falling into a food coma.

6. When you hear that your celebrity crush got married.

7. When you're exhausted from binge-watching something on Netflix.

8. When you see people being friendly to someone you dislike.

Can you not?

9. When you've woken up from a long nap and you can't figure out if it's night or the morning after.

10. When you're trying to pretend like you're into this small talk at a party.

11. When someone disses your OTP.

12. When you've done something wrong and you shrug and try to look innocent.

13. When you nail a rap song from memory without any mistakes.

14. When you stop whatever you were doing before because you smell food.

15. When you meet someone who watches all the same TV shows as you do and you want to be best friends with them but don't want to appear creepy.

16. When you overhear a conversation and desperately want to casually drop in and join.

17. When you try to put lipstick on without looking in a mirror.

18. When you've just finished devouring a pizza.

19. When you something in a shop that you want and no one can persuade you not to get it.



20. When you're doing the Corpse Pose in yoga and you just end up falling asleep.

21. When it's Sunday night and you remember you have to go to work tomorrow.

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