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    19 Things That Are More Devastating Than Zayn Leaving One Direction

    You should play "Someone Like You" in the background while you read this list.

    1. When Ginger Spice left the Spice Girls.

    Virgin / Via

    2. When Michael Keaton put away his acceptance speech.


    3. When you realized you had friends that saw #TheDress as white and gold.

    4. Parks and Recreation is over.

    5. Keanu Reeves on a couch.

    Dominique Charriau / Getty Images

    6. Mufasa's death.

    Disney / Via

    7. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling are not together.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    8. You haven't found someone who loves you as much as Aaron Paul loves his wife.

    9. Steve Carell never won an Emmy as Michael Scott on The Office.

    NBC / Via

    10. Adele hasn't put out an album in 4 years.


    11. Tom Hiddleston isn't your significant other.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    12. When you realize you will never be as awesome as Titus Andromedon.

    Netflix / Via

    13. When you think you're Right Shark but you're actually Left Shark.

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    14. When you watch 9 seasons of a show and then the series finale is absolute crap.

    CBS / Via

    I'm looking at you, How I Met Your Mother.

    15. The Red Wedding.

    HBO / Via

    16. You aren't a part of Taylor Swift's squad.

    Big Machine / Via

    17. When you realize you will never be as talented as Tatiana Maslany.

    BBC America / Via

    18. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will not be coming back to host the Golden Globes next year.

    NBC / Via

    19. And finally, the most devastating of all: Leonardo DiCaprio still has not won an Oscar.

    NBC / Via
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