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18 Things That Happen When You Ride The SkyTrain In Vancouver

Riding in the sky has its pros and cons.

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1. When you get on at Waterfront or King George and there are so many seats available.

2. When you realize you have to get off at Commercial-Broadway and you remember the long overhead walkway.

Comedy Central / Via

3. When it's raining and you're not sure if that's rainwater or urine on the seat.

Warner Bros. / Via

4. When the SkyTrain slows down and you realize that every car is ridiculously packed.

5. When you take the SkyTrain so often you can hear the robotic female voice in your head as you fall asleep.

Fox / Via

P.S. It's actually a real person making the announcements! Her name is Laureen Regan.

6. When people rush into the SkyTrain without letting passengers exit first.

7. When there's one person shouting nonsense or a loud conversation happening and there's nowhere to escape so you sit there and listen to every word while looking like you aren't interested.

8. When you spot the Compass Card fare gates and wonder why they still aren't working.

Netflix / Via

Same goes for the fare machines.

9. When there's someone who has taken up two seats - one for them and one for their bag.

Columbia Pictures / Via

10. When you're trying to enjoy the view of the city and you can't see anything because of all the rain.

BBC / Via

11. When you spot an attractive person and you wonder if they're an actor.

CW / Via

Possibly someone who will be on Arrow or Supernatural or all the other CW shows that film in Vancouver?!

12. When you see a SkyTrain Attendant or a police officer get on to inspect fares and you immediately get nervous even though you have no reason to be.

NBC / Via

Also, why are there always so many of them at the Metrotown station?!

13. When the SkyTrain stops briefly and you're scared you will be a victim of #SkyHostage 2.0.

Disney / Via

June 9, 2015. Never forget.

14. When you aren't paying attention and accidentally get on a Millennium line and not an Expo line train. And vice versa. And you realize it when it's too late.

NBC / Via


15. When you see the SkyTrain approaching and it's the newer and cleaner one.

NBC / Via

"Newer" meaning, like, 2002.

16. When you're on the SkyTrain and you can instantly spot the UBC students.

NBC / Via

They're the ones either furiously studying, falling asleep on a stranger's shoulder or groaning about having to take the 99 bus.

17. When you're waiting on the platform dangerously close to the edge and your mind drifts to that infamous House of Cards scene and you think for a moment it could happen to you. BUT THEN YOU REMEMBER IT'S CANADA AND WE'RE ALL SUPER NICE.

18. When the SkyTrain is running smoothly and you get to your destination on time.

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