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12 Things That Happen When You Are Too Obsessed With Dogs

There is such a thing as being too obsessed with these furry animals.

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1. When you see a dog on the street and you signal to your friend to look

2. When the dog passes you and you prepare yourself for its cuteness

3. When the dog stops and lets you pet it

4. When you see an adorable dog twice in a week on your way to work and realize its on the same schedule and route as you

5. When you leave at a different time for work and don't get to see the usual dogs

6. When there is just too much to say when asked why you love dogs so much

7. When you finally form the words to describe why dogs are the best and somebody tells you that cats are way better

8. When it's too painful to watch anything where the dog is abandoned or is dying

9. When a dog warms up to you and the owner says that the dog usually doesn't like strangers

On the outside you are casual about it

But on the inside

10. When you realize that most of the accounts you follow on Instagram are of dogs

And when you scroll through your feed and all you see are dogs dressed up in ridiculous outfits and it's too much for you to handle

11. When all you want to talk about are those furry creatures that look like teddy bears and others aren't into it at all

12. When you finally get a dog and you become best friends and it's the most glorious thing in the world

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