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11 Holiday Gift Ideas For The Tea Lover

A list of fun tea accessories that will warm up your tea lover's holiday.

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While gourmet tea and artisan teacups and teapots are all decent gifts, there are so many things you could get a tea lover that isn't another monogrammed mug or cup. Read on for holiday gift ideas for the tea enthusiast in your life.

3. Sugar cubes / Via

Did you know you could get sugar cubes for your tea in so many flavors? This set is citrus-flavored, but Etsy shop WantASugarCube offers many other colors and flavors from the colors of the rainbow to snow cone flavors. $10.00

5. Tea bag holder / Via

For the person who always goes for another cup of tea but struggles to find a place to hold their wet tea bag in (hint: resting your used tea bag on a flimsy paper napkin is never a good idea).$9.00

10. / Via

Honey sticks are both a sweet treat to have all on their own and a nice way of bringing honey with you to the office without getting everything all sticky. Since it is already portioned into sticks, it's perfect for mixing into your tea.$6.00

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