11 Holiday Gift Ideas For The Tea Lover

A list of fun tea accessories that will warm up your tea lover’s holiday.

While gourmet tea and artisan teacups and teapots are all decent gifts, there are so many things you could get a tea lover that isn’t another monogrammed mug or cup. Read on for holiday gift ideas for the tea enthusiast in your life.

1. Tea chest

Whether it’s for guests or for themselves, every tea lover needs a chest to stow their treasured assortment of teas in. $15.00

2. Mug warmer

Okay, it’s really called a coffee warmer but this USB device could just as easily be used to warm up a cup of tea. Nobody likes it when their warm drink goes cold on a chilly Winter day.$7.99

3. Sugar cubes

Did you know you could get sugar cubes for your tea in so many flavors? This set is citrus-flavored, but Etsy shop WantASugarCube offers many other colors and flavors from the colors of the rainbow to snow cone flavors. $10.00

But wait, there’s more!

Etsy is chock full of sugar cubes. WishingwellArt sells heart, club, and spade-shaped sugar “cubes”. Perfect for the gambling or Alice in Wonderland-addicted tea drinker. $15.95

4. Tea bag wallet

A tea bag wallet is a perfect gift for someone who is always on the go. $9.00

5. Tea bag holder

For the person who always goes for another cup of tea but struggles to find a place to hold their wet tea bag in (hint: resting your used tea bag on a flimsy paper napkin is never a good idea).$9.00

6. Reusable tea bag

For the eco-friendly tea lover or the tea lover who accidentally bought some loose tea and doesn’t know what to do with it. $13.50

7. Tea diver

A fun reusable tea strainer that will take many adventurous dives into your loved one’s mugs and glasses. $14.00

8. Agave nectar spoon

Half candy, half stirring spoon, your loved ones will thank you for this sweet treat.$11.95

9. Tea cozy

A beautiful tea cozy fit for any house elf from the Harry Potter universe. $24.95


Honey sticks are both a sweet treat to have all on their own and a nice way of bringing honey with you to the office without getting everything all sticky. Since it is already portioned into sticks, it’s perfect for mixing into your tea.$6.00

11. Herbal Tea Garden Kit

Get this garden kit for the tea drinker who also has a green thumb. $20.00

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