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The Strangest Things Currently For Sale At Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has tons of cute stuff, but some things will make you say "wait what why?"

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Your Tea Sex Tea - $25

I can picture it now. It's Friday night. You and your man are home alone. You're feeling kind of frisky, but you're not quite in the mood. Then it hits you. "Hold on..." you say in your sexiest voice. "I'm just going to go... brew some tea." *wink*

Wait wut.

Yesterdays Clever Girl Pin - $12

Mom: Hey, what did you get at Urban Outfitters?

Me: Oh, this cool pin that says "clever girl" and then also there's a lizard on it.

Mom: ...But why?

Me: You just don't get me! *storms off*

Mom (still confused): ... BUT WHY!?

Corn Dog Maker - $34

A machine very specifically for making corn dogs. It's a corn dog maker. You like corn dogs like A LOT? Well then you need this top of the line corn dog maker. Where can you get it? Urban Outfitters, of course. Where else, dummy?

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