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The 10 Things You NEED To Have The Dorm Room Everyone Wants To Hang Out In

You'll be the talk of the dorms if you pimp out your dorm room with these items!

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2. Hang art.

serenitywallart / Via Etsy

Of course you should bring photos of your family and friends, but also make sure to bring some other things to hang that show off your personality. Maybe it's a funny print or a boho wall hanging or a poster of your favorite band. It's even better if there's a story behind it!

6. Breathe life into your space.

Urban Outfitters / Via Urban Outfitters

Succulents can help breathe a little life into your space and are also very difficult to kill - a great starter plant for a college student!

10. Refresh.

Laundress / Via Laundress

A lot of colleges ban candles from dorm rooms due to them being a fire hazard, so instead you should refresh the smell of your space with a great home spray - or you can just use your standard Febreze!

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