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16 Things To Do Today Other Than Read About Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna

If you've spent any time reading about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna in the past few weeks, you clearly need some suggestions about how to live your life because OMG WHO CARES!?

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2. Call your Congressperson.

Via ABC News

Call your Congressperson to express your opinion about something that matters to you. It only takes a few minutes. It can be anything. Just make your voice heard. You can look up your Representative here:

3. Get your sweat on!

Via Glamour

Sweat it out. Go for a run outside. Go to the gym. Go to a class. Jump rope in your own home. Join a basketball league. There a million options for getting your heart rate up. Go out there and try one!

4. Cook something.

Via SheKnows

Try out a new recipe or make an old one. Experiment with some new ingredients and flavors. Dice something. Figure out the difference between dicing and chopping and mincing (I always just guess). Then crack open a bottle of wine (or just some sparkling water) and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

8. Read a book.

Tim Robberts / Getty Images / Via Huffington Post

Read a book like a freakin' smart person. Head over to the New York Times Best Sellers List. Or go support your local book shop. I hear Hillbilly Elegy is good. Or read Tulip Fever because it's about to come out as a movie with Alicia Vikander.

9. Cancel your catalogues.

Via Hardly Housewives

Ok this one is kind of boring, but it's also weirdly satisfying. We all get stacks of catalogues in the mail that we never read. Call the numbers on the back and cancel those suckers.

10. Write something.

Via Business Insider

Write a handwritten letter or thank you note. Begin your novel. Start a journal. Write a short story. Compose a sonnet. Or maybe just stare at a blank screen for a while like all good writers do every now and then.

12. Listen to a podcast.

Via iTunes

Listen to a podcast. There are a million of them on all kinds of topics. People got obsessed with Missing Richard Simmons and S-Town this year. There are also really funny ones like 2 Dope Queens. I personally love Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History.

16. Volunteer somewhere.


Go volunteer somewhere. You could volunteer with kids or animals or the elderly or the homeless or cleaning up your community. I'm sure there are hundreds of ways to pitch in near you. Go find one!

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