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    • triciab6

      I love Ike and Tina and they got their start in St. Louis, so I can accept that they are listed for my home state, even though neither was technically born in Missouri. What about Miles Davis (technically born in Alton, IL, but St. Louis has always claimed him), Chuck Berry, The Isley Brothers, Albert King, John Hartford, Scott Joplin, and of course Nelly? I believe Sheryl Crow is also from Missouri.  I think the source for much of the frustration is that the reasoning is not consistent (were they born there, did they get their start there, do they live there now?) This could have been so much better curated, but it’s about what I would expect from Buzzfeed, a bastion of mediocrity. Had this been Rolling Stone posting this poorly curated map, there would have been national outrage!

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