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    • trialiaalexandrah

      Meh! I’m 27 & this is mostly crap. Sorry for the following tl;dr - I tried to paragraph and it won’t let me. Being carded is just annoying.  My friends post about babies only rarely - mostly cats and Doctor Who.  I have a wheelchair so I don’t care if concerts have seats.  I side with the teens. I never went to bars anyway & do even less now as most aren’t chair-accessible. I’ve been disabled since age 19 so have no business cards.  Don’t use sunscreen, never have.  Most of the celebs I like are much older than I am anyway (Mary McDonnell, Alex Kingston, Torri Higginson…).  My credit score has always sucked. I have a cat and want neither a dog nor a baby. Ever. I don’t mind squeezing into a hostel with multiple friends, so long as it has wheelchair access and the beds are comfy, and they don’t wake me. I can’t really afford “extra” for a hotel. We don’t have Taco Bell over here and I have IBS anyway, & don’t like spicy food. I have NEVER had a hangover from drugs or alcohol in my life. (Migraines don’t count, I say.) My mother died when I was a teenager, ergo no slack there to cut. I’ve been in gradually increasing degrees of pain since I was EIGHT YEARS OLD. I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, dammit. My joints all dislocate. I’m on enough morphine to kill 3 people. Per day. I’ve always done the shoes-for-comfort thing. I’m in enough pain from the two twists in my spine and my dislocating hips and ankles without adding the misery of trying to look “good” for society when I’m not even attracted to men, FCOL! I am a web designer. I CREATE stuff to go on smartphones. I’ve been using the internet since I was six years old. I think you pinned the wrong generation with this article, dude. We all grew up with it! Saturdays? Meh! I don’t go out to bars at the weekend. Too many idiots. My Saturday nights are often spent happily reading, playing video games, surfing the internet and chatting with my girlfriend in Germany, or playing karaoke video games with my neighbours. “Fiber cereal” (fibre) - did you miss the IBS? Which is becoming more common in people my age? =P I don’t give a frak about low interest rates, and that use of the word “lame” is ableist, and if you’re nearly 30 you ought to know better than to be so casually offensive. I do miss my gaming all-nighters, but that’s mainly down to having a condition that causes chronic fatigue, not so much my age. I never went to music festivals anyway - too easy to get hurt if you’re me. Again a cultural dissonance - I have never even heard of West Elm. Sigh. With my response and a ton of the others I’ve seen, this is truly inaccurate trash. Sorry sweetie!

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