Wow…You are so incredibly intolerant of…

Wow…You are so incredibly intolerant of legitimate counter opinions. I’ve been reading your comments on here for about a year now and I’ve failed to find one conversation where you were legitimately open to anyone else’s thoughts but your own. You can’t rebuke one group for their disdain for interracial relationships and justify another. There is no way you can sincerely say that young African American’s today have a visceral response to bi-racial couples due to their fear of a 150 year old practice. I wish you had the proper awareness to realize how absurd you sound during you over-zealous, certain psychiatrists may say “over-compensating”, defense of some indefensible things a particular minority may have said. People say stupid things…just because you are a minority does not mean you are immune to this simple fact of life. Does this make her racist? Probably not. Should she be held accountable for her thoughts and ideas and opinions even though she happens to be a member of an historically oppressed group? Absolutely. I read many of your comments throughout the day and I agree with many things that you write. But it’s very difficult for me to respect someone who refuses to apply their logic and principals with some degree of consistency.

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