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    23 Things That'll Make Your House So Much Homier

    It's time to actually move in.

    1. Keep your plates, cups, and saucers coordinated and cute with a super-affordable dinnerware set — perfect for your next dinner party.

    2. Add some serious personality to your living room or bedroom by hanging up a set of wooden gallery frames. They even come with super helpful templates!

    3. Cook basically whatever you want with a multitalented Instant Pot and the super-helpful The Instant Pot Cook Book.

    4. Swap out your mismatched pots and pans for a full non-stick cookware set so you can really start putting your kitchen to work.

    5. Lay down a luxurious shag rug to make your bedroom or living space cozier.

    6. Make your friends' eyes gleam with envy by grabbing a chrome in-sink dish rack that’ll make washing dishes kind of sexy.

    7. Liven up your room using a gorgeous velvet accent chair all your guests will be talking about — and may even try to take home.

    8. Store your cotton swabs in an adorable lotus holder for a delicate addition to your bathroom counter or vanity.

    9. Toss your keys or scarves on a leather and brass wall hook that’ll immediately dress up your room.

    10. Bury yourself in a set of comfy microfiber sheets you can guarantee will put your current ones to shame.

    11. Bring some serious coordination to your bathroom with a bamboo accessories set that’s never basic.

    12. Switch on an antique-looking brass floor lamp to light up even the darkest corners of your home — and possibly your heart.

    13. Make your fridge just a little more inviting with a set of refrigerator storage bins.

    14. Swap your metal home office accessories for a vibrant desktop organizer you can configure in limitless ways.

    15. Increase your living room's fabulousness with a walnut and faux-marble coffee table.

    16. Get scarves and small handbags off the floor by placing them on a sleek metal accessories hook.

    17. Sip in style with a set of hand-blown glasses made from recycled glass.

    18. Secure your over-the-head headphones on your dresser or desk using a headphones rack.

    19. Ditch your predictable glass cruets for a set of stoneware oil and vinegar bottles your friends will adore.

    20. Pack away towels, bedding, or off-season clothes in a handsome set of under-the-bed storage boxes.

    21. Take bread storage to new levels with a clear bread box that’s worth every single carb.

    22. Display your jewelry in a terrace tray that’ll make your current accessories holder look super wack.

    23. And upgrade from your creaky, old mattress to a plush firm-feel foam mattress. Your back will most definitely be grateful.

    Because there's no place likeee homeee...

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.