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30 Awesome Products Every Scrapbooking Addict Needs

Clear your craft drawer immediately!

1. A scissors jump drive to quickly access scanned photos or layout ideas.

2. A pack of pretty neon colored pencils.

3. A magnetic holder to help keep track of your dies or even metal crafting tools like pens and quill tips.

4. A Tool n' One to complete numerous crafting tasks, including removing excess paper from cutouts and piercing holes in paper.

5. A crafting bag to hold all of your goodies.

6. And a coordinating shoulder bag for the days you need to carry just a few of your crafting items.

7. A gradient color ink pad to make your stamps really stand out.

8. A set of gold foil stickers to decorate pages.

9. A 70-piece set of vintage letter rubber stamps.

10. A Seagate external hard drive to back up your photos and other digital elements you use for scrapbooking.

11. An animal sticker tape pen.

12. A mat to protect surfaces from cutting and other crafting tasks.

13. A drawer organizer you can personalize with your own labels.

14. A storage box that can hold paper, writing tools or other craft items.

15. A pair of nature-themed washi tapes.

16. A flower lace edge punch set to dress up the pages of your book.

17. A set of handmade stamps.

18. A pack of white gel pens for writing on black, navy or other dark shades of card stock.

19. A 100-pack of card stock.

20. A pack of adhesive tape so you will always have backups.

21. A 5-slot desk organizer to hold pens, glue sticks and other scrapbooking necessities.

22. A scrapbook with a ribbon trim.

23. A pack of paper photo corner stickers.

24. A folding ruler for tracing and placing items or cutting 90 degree angles.

25. A pack of colorful gel pens for any text or drawings you add to your pages.

26. A scanner to make duplicates of fragile old photos or to share your finished scrapbook pages with your family and friends online.

27. A pair of gold crafting scissors.

28. A dual tip EK Tools black pen for making headers, lines and other designs on your scrapbook’s pages.

29. A washi tape organizer that will cut your strips and keep your tape rolls in order.

30. And a bracelet charm and pair of craft mug earrings that will let you show off your love for scrapbooking in style.

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