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    30 Amazing Products With Over 1,000 Reviews On Amazon

    A stainless-steel mop, makeup brush shampoo, garlic press, and 27 other products on Amazon that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people absolutely *adore.*

    1. A microfiber mop with a stainless-steel handle so you can keep your lovely floors so fresh and so clean.

    2. A bottle of Eco Tools makeup brush shampoo to make your beauty brushes and sponges look all kinds of pristine.

    3. A retro-inspired, high-cut bathing suit with a sexy, low-cut back for making quite the style splash during your next getaway.

    4. An Exploding Kittens: NSFW game that’ll bring a naughty twist to the EPIC party game.

    5. A fierce pair of Fergalicious western boots with a cute strap-buckle detail to solidify your status as #FashionGoals.

    6. A stainless-steel garlic press that'll have you crushing cloves like a pro and cutting down your prep time so you can get to eating.

    7. A bottle of Amara Organics eye gel to decrease puffiness and discoloration under your eyes with the aid of cucumber, hyaluronic acid, and peptides.

    8. A copy of Despicable Me 2 for maximum overloading on the CUTENESS that is the Minions.

    9. A stainless-steel magnetic strip so you can have easy access to kitchen tools like scissors, whisks, and knives while you’re cooking.

    10. A Pocket Nanny baby care timer to track all the important tasks you need to complete for your precious little one.

    11. A copy of Food Network Magazine, which'll shake up your kitchen a bit with some delicious new recipes and cooking tips and tricks.

    12. A pair of no-leak swimming goggles for keeping your vision clear as you explore the depths the ocean — or if you just want to look cool while chilling on the shore.

    13. A lighted magnifying mirror to help you ace your eye-makeup looks no matter the time of the day.

    14. An Alpha Grillers brush — which features a replaceable head — for easily removing gunk and grime from your beloved grill.

    15. A pack of Alpine Swiss dress socks so your feet can look as fly as your dress clothes.

    16. A digital kitchen scale you can use to measure out the perfect amount of indigents for your baked dishes or calculate proportions while meal-prepping.

    17. A copy of Fangirl, perfect for embracing a new life with Cath as she transitions into college and finally attempts to live her life HER way.

    18. An amber glass spray bottle that’ll be a handsome place to store essential oils, cleaning products, or even water for spraying small plants like succulents.

    19. A glittering pack of solar-powered water drop string lights to transform your patio or porch into an enchanted land.

    20. A bottle of Amara Organics aloe vera gel that'll hydrate and soothe itchy and irritated skin, whether you're dealing with insect bites, razor burn, sunburn, or simply feeling less than moisturized.

    21. An Acer Aspire E15 notebook, which includes a one-year Microsoft Home subscription, so you can IMMEDIATELY get to work on your brand new tablet.

    22. A copy of A Criminal Defense for taking a journey to Philadelphia as you uncover the truth behind Mick McFarland’s shocking new legal case.

    23. A ceramic Belgian waffle maker with a digital countdown timer that’ll leave you in breakfast mode all day long.

    24. A pair of mesh slip-on water shoes sure to keep your toes protected and secure while you’re taking a dip in the pool or at the beach.

    25. A Littmann Classic III stethoscope that’ll equip your favorite health professional with a quality tool for hearing heart and lung sounds as they assist their patients.

    26. A copy of Mist and Fury to follow the Feyre's quest to end the reign of the freighting Night Court.

    27. A set of popsicle molds, great for those moments when you want to treat yourself to a yummy frozen snack that ISN'T ice cream.

    28. A two-pack of six-outlet surge protectors, which can protect your devices from getting fried if they ever experience any unexpected voltage spikes.

    29. A wire hanging bowl to store your bananas and other favorite fruits so they’ll NEVER be lonely.

    30. And an Oreck Commercial XL upright vacuum for keeping your carpets and hard surfaces looking like dirt- and dust-free perfection.

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