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    22 Amazing Ways To Refresh Your Wardrobe ASAP

    It's time to shake up your wardrobe.

    1. Build your pin collection at Coloring Pins, Pintrill, and even Amazon — they all have practically endless pin designs you’ll want to take over your clothes.

    2. Take a dip on the wild side with a tie-dye kit you can enjoy solo or with your friends.

    3. Let your inner rockstar come through with a set of metal studs or pyramid spikes you can add to jackets, footwear, or bags.

    4. Tackle any DIY project with a five-piece stainless-steel scissors set perfect for cutting fabric, leather, and canvas.

    5. Wake up your sneaker game with a colorful pair of flat shoe laces.

    6. Or make your favorite shoes intergalactic greats with an amazing pair of light-up shoe laces.

    7. Draw or write on your clothes and shoes with a vibrant set of fabric markers — which feature a dual-tip for thin or wide lines.

    8. Dunk your tired denim jacket, cutoffs, or jeans into a plastic bucket filled with diluted bleach for a showstopping washed-out look.

    9. Let your clothes speak volumes by adding some iron-on varsity letters or sewing on a single varsity initial.

    10. Or customize your clothes and bookbag with some pretty patches — like a cool emoji or skull.

    11. Add some flashy sequins to your clothes for a sparkly statement no one can ignore.

    12. Press life into your plain T-shirts with iron-on transfers you can personalize with any image or design you want.

    13. Invest in a sewing machine to bring your DIY ideas to life, including embellishments or intricately stitched designs.

    14. Ditch your dusty hardware for some pretty metal buttons you can sew onto your coats and blazers.

    15. Slip some cute earring covers over your hoops for an accessories fix your friends will definitely want to copy.

    16. Make your lackluster leather jacket lovely again by using acrylic paint to add a monogram or fun print to its back or sleeves.

    17. Create an awesome customized patch you can hook or sew onto your clothes — or even your favorite hat.

    18. Tap into the power of flowers with a pack of tiny ribbon appliqués for some darling embellishments that'll be your new obsession.

    19. Attach some fringe or pom poms to the trim of your clothing for an super-stylish detail that will make you truly stand out.

    20. Run a piece of sandpaper over your jeans and other denim garments to give them a cool, distressed effect.

    21. Change the color of your shirts, shorts, or pants in a cinch with a bottle of Rit fabric dye.

    22. And if all else fails, you can easily dress up your pieces with a rotating collection of accessories rented through Rocksbox.

    Your closet will never be the same.

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