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    25 Easy Ways To Make Moving So Damn Easy

    These tips and products are all you need when it's time to get MOVING.


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    1. Add some storage space for hanging clothes in your vehicle with an extendable hanger bar.

    High Road / Amazon / Via

    The metal rod extends from 35" to 59" long, which will fit most vehicles.

    Promising Review: "These were a lifesaver during a recent move. My girlfriend and I just moved about 20 miles, and were faced with deciding how to move all of our clothing. We didn't really want to remove all of our hanging clothes, fold them, pack them, move them, and then have to unpack them again for such a short move. And the wardrobe boxes from U-Haul are so expensive for something we'll use for such a short period of time. Thanks to these, we were able to move our clothes one car load at a time instead." —Mike Chrisley

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    2. Stick color-coded moving labels on your boxes to remind yourself of their contents and the room they should be placed in.

    Aegis Premium Labels / Amazon / Via

    The 16-roll pack includes labels for 14 different living spaces and two rolls for fragile items. And each roll comes with 50 labels, more than enough for organizing all your boxes by room. That way, it'll be easier to make sure they make it to the right space once you reach your new location, even if you have family and friends helping you. Also, be sure to make a corresponding sign for each room, so people will be be able to match the labeled box with its room.

    Promising Review: "Let's face it, packing and unpacking are the worst parts about moving. I love being able to color coordinate my move. It means that I can have friends and family help without having to spend the next week asking who put what where. It also means unpacking in half the time and not worrying about stuff getting lost in the move. I've coupled these and colored duct tape with a Google sheet that has conditional formatting — the cells change color based on what I type in the 'room' column — to use as box inventory. I also plan on using them on furniture by placing a piece of painters tape down first and then sticking the sticker on top." —Melissa

    Get a 16-roll pack from Amazon for $10.90.

    3. Use vacuum packing bags for cutting down the space taken up by bulky items like jackets, blankets, and comforters.

    Space Saver / Amazon / Via

    Promising Review: “I am moving and filling my car with what was left after filling the moving truck. I had a down comforter, down mattress pad, and large pillows I put in these bags. They worked so well I plan to store winter clothes with them because my new place is much smaller!” —Amazon Customer

    Get a six-pack from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in medium, large, and jumbo sizes).

    4. Keep your accessories from getting tangled by placing them between Glad Press’n Seal sheets.

    Beautify Your Life / YouTube / Via

    Place your jewelry pieces on one piece of wrap, place a second sheet on top of that first one, and then press them together. This will lock your accessories in place, protecting them from getting tangled or knotted together.

    Get a roll from Amazon for $14.22.

    Watch a tutorial on using Press’n Seal to store your jewelry by Beautify Your Life on YouTube here.

    5. Wrap fragile items with bubble wrap, saving you from the heartbreak of your most delicate dishware and keepsakes being broken.

    Duck / Amazon / Via

    Promising Review: “This is good bubble wrap for packing dishes. I used these to move recently and they did their job well.” —AA

    Get a roll from Amazon for $6.60+ (available in seven sizes).

    6. Jot down all of your pre- and post-moving day to-dos with a colorful Knock Knock to-do pad.

    Knock Knock / Amazon / Via

    Promising Review: "This is a wonderful personal assistant. I have ADD and really need things like this to help me remember even small tasks. I have used it as a notepad during my college semester, and it's great!" —Potato Spaniel

    Get it from Amazon for $8.69 (available in 33 styles).

    7. Transport hanging items without having to fight a single hanger by placing them inside a wardrobe box.

    Bankers Box / Amazon / Via

    Promising Review: “We were looking for sturdy wardrobe boxes for an upcoming move, and we are very happy with these boxes. In fact, they are the same quality as the wardrobe boxes provided to us by our moving company during our last move. We’re very happy with this product. We set these up the same way our moving company assembled them for our last move. We placed three strips of tape across the bottom, one length of tape all the way around the lower third of the box, tape on the exterior of the box across the opening where the bar sits, three strips to close the box, and a final wrap around the top third of the box to prevent any potential crushing of items!” —K&S

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $47.

    8. Or slip hanging clothes inside of a trash bag for drama-free transport from your closet or wardrobe into the vehicle you are using to move.

    Lennar / YouTube / Via

    This will also keep you organized, seeing that you can easily divide clothing items by color or category in your closet. And they’ll be able to stay together while taking them to your new place.

    Get a 76-pack of Glad ForceFlex bags from Amazon for $13.28.

    Watch a tutorial on placing your hanging clothes into a trash bag by Lennar on YouTube here.

    9. Roll heavy items out of your home on a folding hand truck that can also be used as a dolly.

    Cosco / Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "My original thought was just to have this for my car, so when I bought groceries I can use it to lug things to my apartment. I ended up using it during the move into my apartment. Moving items from the parking garage to my apartment on the fourth floor was great with this thing. What would have taken me three to four trips without the cart was all done on one trip." — Dexlest

    Get it from Amazon for $52.58 (available in three colors).

    10. Consider buying an extra pack of pens in case you need to quickly write notes down or sign paperwork on moving day.

    Bic / Amazon / Via

    Believe us, keeping up with pens will be on the bottom of your priority list. So it’ll be helpful to have a easy accessible stash of backups.

    Promising Review: “These are my favorite pens! They write smoothly, are comfortable, and lightweight. They're a hot commodity in our house! Several people have also complimented about the writing style when they’ve borrowed them. This picky pen person is very satisfied!” —Kristin Montgomery

    Get a three-pack for $3.56+ (available in five colors).

    11. Group boxes or other items that should be placed together using stretchy shrink film.

    Totalpack / Amazon / Via

    Each roll comes with 1000 feet of film.

    Promising Review: “I’m making a long-distance move. I'm an amateur woodworker and have a number of woodworking machines that I've had to get ready for the movers. The stretch wrap works great to hold both moving parts and small parts in place. It goes around easily and really sticks to itself well. It has saved me a lot of time and won't leave any residue to clean up like tape. It's also a lot less expensive than a similar amount of shipping tape!” —B Meyers

    Get one roll from Amazon for $7.99.

    12. Reinforce the bottom of moving boxes and prevent snap-top plastic bins from opening by taping their tops with packing tape.

    My Move / YouTube / Via

    You should use the "H" taping method along the boxes’ seams to make sure they are securely sealed and can better support the weight of the items inside. And make sure to place your heavier options at the bottom of the box.

    Promising Review: “I love Gorilla tape! I ship a lot of packages to South Africa and this tape ensures secure packing. The tape dispenser is extremely convenient!" —Kyla

    Get a roll of Gorilla packaging tape from Amazon for $3.93+ (available in three sizes).

    And watch a tutorial on the "H" taping method by My Move on YouTube here.

    13. Make sure you have an extra phone cord and portable charger to give your phone a boost of power.

    Anker / Amazon / Via, Anker / Amazon / Via

    You may not have easy access to your main charger cord. So an extra phone cord and charger will ensure you aren't left scrambling for some juice while rushing around during your move.

    Promising Review: “This portable charger is fantastic! I bought it nearly one year ago. And yesterday, I needed it for the first time. I admit is was something of an impulse buy! I charged it when I first got it, and it sat around after that. However, when I finally plugged it into my device, it still had plenty of charge left to power the device. I don't even know how that is possible!” —Kar Dell

    Get them from Amazon: phone cord for $5.99 (available in lightning cable and micro USB styles) and portable charger for $19.99 (available in four colors)

    14. Drop your shoes into foldable shoe boxes you can then stack inside larger boxes or plastic bins for simple relocation to your new closet.

    Greenco / Amazon / Via

    These boxes are especially helpful for people with a lot of shoes. The boxes will keep you from struggling to pair shoes together, which will be the case if you just throw them all in a basket or bag. And if you choose to keep your footwear in the boxes when you arrive to your new closet, they will cut down the time it takes to reorganize your shoe collection.

    Promising Review: “These are excellent for shoe storage and fold up when not in use. I was finally able to get rid of all the old shoe boxes that were of different sizes and virtually impossible to organize.” —Maximus

    Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $14.99.

    15. Keep the good vibes going on moving day by blasting tunes from a shockproof, bluetooth speaker.

    AmazonBasics / Amazon / Via

    If you must go back and forth between your old home and new one, you can clip the speaker to your purse, tote, or bookbag to easily carry it with you to each location. And playing your favorite tunes will hopefully help lower your stress during the big day.

    Promising Review: “For $12, this speaker is a must buy. If you don't want to spend more than $100 on a speaker, you need to buy this. It is very loud. It goes as loud as a normal $200 speaker while keeping relatively good quality. The base is definitely a B to B+. It’s perfect for being used as a room speaker.” —Mark L

    Get it from Amazon for $11.23.

    16. But if you prefer a solo jam session, get some Aukey bluetooth headphones with earbuds that connect with magnets, so you won’t accidentally misplace them while completing all your moving tasks.

    Aukey / Amazon / Via

    Promising Review: “These are nice headphones. The sound is clear and good. And they come with a nice case and different size adjustments. They are easy to set up. And the cool magnetic attachment makes them really great for wearing around the neck.” —TheSage

    Get them from Amazon for $29.99.

    17. Tuck loose belongings away in a CleverMade crate, perfect for holding items in your trunk, back seat, or van.

    CleverMade / Amazon / Via

    And you can easily fold it back down once you’re done using it.

    Promising Review: “These are absolutely awesome. They are easy to fold up and store when not in use. And when needed, it takes seconds to lower the sides. Plus, they have so much space. When not in use, they take up minimal space, which is awesome for small spaces. They are also easily stackable and built extremely tough.” —Cheryl

    Get it from Amazon for $24.75 (available in three colors) or the Grommet for $17.95 (available in two colors).

    18. Place furniture sliders under pieces so you can quickly move them to their proper location while protecting your flooring.

    My EZ Home Solutions / Amazon / Via

    Promising Review: "These sliders are great. I had to move some heavy furniture by myself, so I used both types of slider. We have an entertainment center that is so heavy, I can barely lift the corners to get the sliders underneath. But once they were in place, I was able to move the piece from one side of the living room to the other with little effort. A heavy, filled trunk was also easy to move with these." —G E H

    Get a set of eight from Amazon for $13.

    19. Lift heavy appliances with the help of a two-person shoulder harness.

    Shoulder Dolly / Amazon / Via

    The kit contains two harnesses and one 12’x5" lifting strap.

    Promising Review: "These things are great! I moved across country and had a storage unit full of heavy antique furniture. It saved our backs and made the move a hundred times smoother!" —Christine P.

    Get it from Amazon for $38.

    20. Toss moving blankets over furniture, appliances, and other big items to shield them — and your walls — from being damaged.

    Sure-Max / Amazon / Via

    Promising Review: “l love these! I couldn't believe the price. It’s way better to buy your own than to rent ones from the moving companies! I will never have to rent moving blankets again. These are super-thick and well-made!” —Amazon Customer

    Get a 12-pack from Amazon for $79.99.

    21. Secure the caps of liquid toiletry bottles with Scotch invisible tape, so you won’t have to worry about them accidentally spilling out while in transit.

    Scotch / Amazon / Via

    For toiletries with removable caps, you can can also take the cap off and place cling wrap over the opening. This will block the liquids from spilling out when you recap them.

    Promising Review: “Scotch tape is a classic for a reason. It works great for your taping needs. This is the perfect little item to throw in your cart when you're just shy of getting your add-on items! You can never have too many rolls of this stuff lying around, especially when it’s close to the holidays!” —Sandrop

    Get a roll from Amazon for $4.07 or a three-pack from Webstaurant Store for $2.89.

    22. Show massive items who's boss with a 1,000-pound capacity dolly, which is great for items like smaller living room furniture and dressers.

    Haul Master / Amazon / Via

    Promising Review: “This dolly is fantastic for moving small, heavy objects about. The wood, wheels, and carpet are fantastic. I may need to add a piece of wood to keep my load on the dolly while it moves forward. But I knew this when I bought the dolly. It’s really fantastic for the price.” —Patrick M. Hussey

    Get it from Amazon for $11.89 .

    23. Pick up a bathroom cleaning kit so you’ll at least have a spotless bathroom if you need a moving day potty break.

    Houzem / Amazon / Via

    The seven-piece kit includes a toilet plunger, toilet brush, brush with a dustpan, kitchen dish brush, car cleaning brush, window cleaning squeegee, and cloth cleaning brush. 

    Promising Review: “I love these brushes. The toilet brush hangs suspended, so it can dry after each use. And the broom and dust pan are larger than I expected, so I don't have to bend far over to use. I am impressed by the quality of all of the brushes!” —Amazon Customer

    Get the seven-piece kit from Amazon for $29.99.

    24. Spend a few dollars on an air mattress so you’ll have somewhere to rest if you are waiting for a new bed set or mattress to be delivered to your place.

    Coleman / Amazon / Via

    Promising Review: *I've never purchased an air mattress before. But we were very happy to have one for our last trip. The sizing was correct, setup and takedown were smooth, and the valve and seams all worked well. This was a big step up for a former minimalist. But my thirtysomething back was deeply appreciative, and we slept very well. I thought it was worth every dollar!” —Numinous

    Get it from Amazon for $31.89+ (available in three sizes, with or without the air pump).

    25. And cut down your clutter ahead of moving day, sorting through clothing and other items you can donate or get rid of before leaving your old space.

    Marie Kondo / Amazon / Via

    Open a copy of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up for a little decluttering motivation. The book breaks down in detail Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method for organizing and storing your items. And putting some of the book's systems to work ahead of your move will keep you from filling your new space with items you no longer need.

    Promising Review: "Many times I have said to myself that I will declutter my house, which will then declutter my mind. I am not disorganized, but I have accumulated many items that I do not need. And I am determined to use the methods described in this book to get my life in order. Simplicity is key for me!” —Serene

    Get The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up from Amazon for $9.89+ (available on Kindle, hardcoverpaperback, audiobook, and MP3 CD).

    You can donate clothing, furniture, and other household items to the Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, or a local shelter.

    Now you really know how to MOVE.

    TM & Dreamworks / YouTube / Via

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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