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    21 Incredibly Useful Products That’ll Save You A Ton Of Space

    No need to make room for these beauties.

    1. A BagPodz reusable bags system you can easily tuck away in their handy storage bag once you’re done grocery shopping instead of saving old grocery bags in your cabinets.

    2. A portable charger bank with a foldable solar panel to give your phone a jolt anywhere without having to lug around a USB cord and clunky charger box.

    3. A collapsible CleverMade crate for holding groceries and other items in your trunk or back seat.

    4. A FlipBelt you can carry in your gym bag or suitcase, providing you a place to store important belongings during workouts.

    5. A headband complete with a set of removable headphones — that moonlights as a sleep mask — so you can have a little less clutter on your nightstand or in your carry-on luggage.

    6. Packing cubes to keep your suitcase from looking like a sale bin on Black Friday — and possibly free up more room in your bag.

    7. A cordless, foldable desk lamp — which features a color-changing base — so you’ll always have a little light to give.

    8. A pair of foldable glasses for seeing your book — or the basics around you — clearly.

    9. A Lay-n-Go cosmetics bag to securely hold all your beauty products and offer you an instant spot to do your makeup while on the go.

    10. A folding toothbrush so you can have something more compact than a traditional toothbrush.

    11. A retractable lint roller for fighting clothing fuzzies without the drama of an oversized plastic roll sticking to everything in your bag.

    12. A PowerCube USB outlet adapter to increase your number of power outlets with hassling with a fussy extension cord.

    13. A pair of foldable shoes with a coordinating carrying bag that'll be a backup option when your uncomfortable kicks are no longer bearable.

    14. A portable shelving luggage system so you'll spend less time packing and more time enjoying your first day of vacation.

    15. A pair of Skullcandy bluetooth, in-ear headphones tiny enough to fit in your pocket or bag after your morning commute or a long flight.

    16. A set of reversible Rollnband luggage bands to keep your shirts and pants rolled up in your suitcase, providing you more space to pack away items.

    17. An epic inflatable chair that pulls out into a twin-sized bed for some extra seating your night-in crew will appreciate.

    18. And an equally cool inflatable sofa you can move around like the Hulk.

    19. An aluminum KeySmart key holder that'll get your keys on one compact key organizer. Because we know you are tired of that cluttered keyring.

    20. A three-in-one evaporative air cooler to cool your space while also humidifying and cleaning the air, possibly ending your need for both a fan and humidifier.

    21. A microfiber sponge with a built-in cleaning spray mister, so you can clean your device screen without having to hunt down and store a separate spray bottle and cloth.

    They’re ALMOST as good as a transformer.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.