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31 Copper Products You'll Want To Buy For Your Kitchen Immediately

::buys all of it, is blinded by glimmer::

1. A stylish organizer that will make your countertop perfection.

2. A sugar and creamer set that is beyond luxurious.

3. A wine opener you will want to take to every dinner party.

4. A set of candleholders that could be mistaken for art.

5. A hammered ice bucket that your guests will adore.

6. A set of copper top glass containers you can use to store baking ingredients... or even pasta.

7. A pair of crane scissors too lovely to cut anything with.

8. A tea kettle that will take boiling water to the next level.

9. A set of mason jars to keep your sink area in order.

10. A plant hanger to bring some extra greenery into your space.

11. A set of push pins to post up any important papers or photos.

12. A coffee maker you'll want to use every day.

13. A set of wine glasses your guests will never forget.

14. A tray you can use as decoration or to serve your food on.

15. An eight-cup French press with chic copper hardware.

16. This 2-tier hanging wire basket for storing your produce in style.

17. This rose gold copper solo cup for partying like a fancy millennial semi-adult.

18. This Kitchenaid mixer that’s almost too stunning to be a Kitchenaid mixer.

19. A copper tower for storing.... your copper cookware (of course).

20. This cookware set, for instance.

21. Everything copper, INCLUDING the kitchen sink.

22. A minimalist 20-piece flatware set.

23. Nesting measuring cups that stack neatly inside a gilded pineapple.

24. This reusable set of copper straws for your next cocktail party.

25. This brass-handled hanging colander.

26. This modern geometric trivet.

27. These glossy gilded pendant lamps that will add dimension to any kitchen.

28. A copper-detailed swing-top trash can.

29. This sophisticated way to store tea.

30. These beautiful hammered Moscow mule mugs that no list of copper items would be complete without out.

31. And this divine set of stainless steel knives in a handcrafted wood and copper block.

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