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    18 Products You Need If Your Office Is Always Cold AF

    The office AC has finally met its match.

    1. Ditch your shoes for a warm-ass pair of bedroom slippers that just may start a new office trend.

    2. Throw all caution to the wind and slip on a bright onesie — let’s see the cold get through that.

    3. Treat your hands to an adorable pair of kitten-paw gloves to keep all your digits toasty while still being able to type.

    4. Swaddle yourself in a luxuriously lightweight throw blanket you can fold over your chair — and act like the office royalty you are.

    5. Swing a beautiful floral-print scarf around your neck to leave all your co-workers shivering with envy.

    6. Throw on a cozy zip-up hoodie to shield your body from your office’s bitter chill.

    7. Or slip into a sharp open-front blazer or cardigan if your office dress code is a little more formal.

    8. Make room on your desk for a tiny — but powerful — space heater to blow that frigid air far, far away.

    9. Pull down an adjustable dad hat so you can avoid the dreaded AC brain freeze.

    10. Layer a soft V-neck T-shirt under your button-up for an extra barrier from the super-low office temps.

    11. Show off your legs with a funky set of thigh-highs or tube socks you can throw on if you typically rock leg-baring outfits.

    12. Nuzzle your ears with a soft pair of ear muffs, which will be especially helpful if you are extremely close to the AC unit or vent.

    13. Lock out any piercing blasts of air — and add some serious mystery to your next team meeting — with a slightly dramatic ski mask.

    14. Give the AC a stylish eff you with a denim jacket you can leave at the office all summer long — so you won’t have to worry about toting a bulky jacket in your work bag or tote.

    15. Top off your bare arms with an oversized denim shirt, which will offer more flexibility than a closer-fitted jacket or hoodie.

    16. Hide your ankles from Mr. Freeze with a pair of neon leg warmers — perfect for still showing off your dope sneakers, flats, or heels.

    17. Swap your cold brew with a hot cup of coffee or tea for some temporary warmth that'll transport you from the office Arctic — at least for a few minutes.

    18. And hell, if all else fails, just cut off the air or ask for the temperature to be lowered.

    Now work life with the AC will be a breeze.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.