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    24 Pretty Engagement Rings That’ll Make You Cry Tears Of Joy

    ::: cues "Unchained Melody" :::

    1. A dope AF skull trio ring that’ll certainly liven up even the coldest hearts.

    2. A majestic oval amethyst ring to make your engagement even more of a fairytale.

    3. A emerald ring set that features two bands that’ll have folks wondering if you had a destination wedding in the Land of Oz.

    4. A pretty eternity vine ring to leaf you gleaming with pride on your big day.

    5. A stunning chunky opal ring with a hammered rose gold band you’ll be more than pressed to put on every day.

    6. A lovely infinity knot ring to make you instantly say “I do.”

    7. A freshwater pearl ring with a rose gold, coral-like band that’s pure magic.

    8. A simply gorgeous blooming flower ring guaranteed to steal the show.

    9. A sailor’s love knot ring for a timeless piece of jewelry that’ll be a beautiful ode to your other half.

    10. A magical twig and crystal stone ring so you can live out your enchanted fairy dreams.

    11. An understated roman numerals band with a fuss-free diamond to totally start a new engagement ring trend.

    12. A rough diamond ring with a claw setting that'll never leave you feeling blue.

    13. A delicate gold band that features a white opal connected to a darling diamond — a minimal ring that’s all about the details.

    14. A moody moonstone set inside a precious twig and rose band to give a nature lover all the feels.

    15. A cubic zirconia cluster and band set as brilliant as your love for your special someone.

    16. A vintage yellow gold ring with garnet and opal details for a piece that looks like a priceless family heirloom no one else will have.

    17. A white sapphire crown ring that’s truly the definition of dreamy.

    18. A darling morganite, diamond, and rose gold ring to give your ring finger the royal treatment.

    19. A glittering gold ring with iridescent opals and pearls that’ll be an epic token of your love.

    20. A few tiny diamond rings you can stack for an elegant twist to the expected solo sparkler.

    21. A splendid raw stone ring you’ll want to show off to everyone you meet — because we know their rings won’t compare.

    22. A delectable diamond flower ring for maximum show-stopping.

    23. A rose gold Rose of Sharon ring that’ll be a matched token of your commitment to your person

    24. A finally a rough diamond ring with a band created from the casting of an actual branch — a subtle detail you’ll want to share with everyone you meet.

    Now that's an engagement ring WIN.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.