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    26 Colorful Cooking Products To Brighten Up Your Kitchen

    Cook with ALL the colors of the rainbow.

    1. A gorgeous set of stainless-steel rainbow knives so you can bring mermaid realness to every meal.

    2. A non-stick pot set that includes utensils for a flawless night of cooking.

    3. A set of microwavable storage containers so you’ll have a cute place to store all those tasty leftovers

    4. A shimmering five-quart slow cooker to make your kitchen as magical as you are.

    5. An adorable grass drying rack for a subtle touch of greenery that’ll give you easy access to cooking tools like knives or peelers.

    6. Or an equally cool two-piece kitchen drainer with a drip bowl to — just possibly — make washing dishes a little more fun.

    7. An adorable mini cake pop maker so you can bake the sweet treats whenever you feel like it.

    8. A set of silicone pot holders for expertly moving your favorite dishes from the stove to your kitchen counter.

    9. A set of silicone cooking utensils to stir, flip, and baste in the most show-stopping way.

    10. A set of kitchen timers so you can monitor the bake time of multiple dishes — instead of depending on just your oven timer.

    11. A simple — but oh so wonderful — 12-piece dinnerware set to make every meal a damn party.

    12. A snap-on strainer to keep all your noodles safe from the sink monster. #NomNomNom

    13. An awesome heat-resistant whisk for spinning tons of good vibes into whatever you decide to bake or cook for the day.

    14. A fun waffle stick maker so you can have breakfast any time.

    15. A mixing bowl set that’ll have you wanting to bake about nine batches of confetti cupcakes.

    16. A pack of storage bag holders so you can easily pour soup, cooked meat, or pasta into freezer bags.

    17. A gummy candy maker that may push your love for gummies to new levels — which is definitely okay. #NoJudgment

    18. A set of three-compartment meal prep containers with vibrant tops you can use to organize you lunch or dinner for the week.

    19. A peeler set so you'll have a dedicated tool — or three — to get the skin off fruits and veggies.

    20. An epic mini griddle to make your family’s favorite egg dishes with ease.

    21. A super-absorbent dish mat perfect for setting pots, knives, and other items on if you like to immediately wash items while preparing your meals.

    22. A mini food processor with a three-cup bowl to chop and grind up food in style.

    23. A set of stainless-steel flatware you can put to work when your amazing meal is complete.

    24. A dashing stainless-steel whistling kettle with a metallic coating your toaster will totally be jealous of.

    25. A copy of Eating In Color for exciting new recipes that are vibrant and healthy for you and your family.

    26. And a three-in-one breakfast station that can bake, toast, and brew with all the retro flare you need.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.