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20 Lipstick Names That Are Awkward As Hell

Who doesn’t want the latest shade of “Unicorn Blood”?

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1. There’s no better way to immediately play yourself than with "Thotful."

2. "Unicorn Blood" definitely sparks some horrific visuals.

3. And "Unicorn Tears" makes it clear that blood wasn’t the only thing stolen from our mystical friend. / Via Fb6ynZiWI_j6EXVB0Ir8l12r6KREaAlmS8P8HAQ, Madkruben / Getty Images

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4. Nana likely won’t be pleased by your must-have shade of "Grandma."


5. You can shamelessly celebrate creepiness with "Pervette."

6. "Chihuahua" can't be beat if your pooch is your sole makeup inspiration.

7. For those who have no clue what to actually do with their lipstick, "Oh, Put It On" offers a clear hint.

8. There’s only one color worthy of your lifelong dream of starring in an "Indie Flick!"


9. You may have to fib a little if your mom asks you the name of your "Orgasm" lip gloss.

10. "Super Orgasm" offers even more peachy awkwardness.

11. "Chilled Brandy" looks like no shade of spirit we’ve ever seen.

12. It remains unclear what questionable recipe led to "Tea and Cookies."


13. "69" leaves absolutely too much to the imagination.

14. Don’t waste your time searching for the rare bird species that inspired "Pink Pigeon."

15. The putrid green of "Witches Brew" looks cauldron fresh.

16. Keep a cross near while applying the moody shade "Exorcism."


17. "Lobotomy" is a fairly unpleasant reminder of the archaic surgical procedure.

18. Stay clear of any felines when rocking "Catnip."

19. Out of all of the plants to be immortalized in a lipstick shade, "Lemongrass" was definitely the underdog.


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