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    17 Awesome And Inexpensive Laptop Cases That Are Actually Worth Your Money

    Give your laptop a serious makeover.

    1. A divine elephant-print sleeve case to show some serious love to the majestic creatures.

    2. A rubber-coated white marble-print case that'll make your computer the classiest in the room.

    3. A delicate white rose sleeve case, so you'll never be too far from a pretty bouquet of flowers.

    4. A magical galaxy case which will take you on a space trip every time you gaze at your laptop.

    5. A glittering metallic sleeve case for a laptop that shines bright like a diamond.

    6. A darling cassette tape case to give your computer a hella retro feel.

    7. A dapper gray sleeve case that also moonlights as a mousepad — because no one has time for a basic case.

    8. A blue and pink gradient case to bring some added peace into your life — at least when you open and close your computer.

    9. A luxurious folio standing case that's as professional as it's fierce.

    10. A gorgeous faux-mahogany case anyone wood be beyond crazy to ignore.

    11. A baby pink lycra sleeve case, so you can shamelessly celebrate your obsession with pastels.

    12. A fuss-free clear plastic case to show off your laptop's natural beauty.

    13. An elegant faux-leather sleeve case you may have to upgrade your wardrobe to carry.

    14. A lightweight plastic hard case which includes a matching keyboard cover — so your laptop will always be perfectly styled.

    15. A cozy zip-up sleeve case to protect your computer in the simplest way.

    16. A sleek rubberized bumper case you may mistake for a sci-fi movie prop.

    17. And a water-resistant sleeve case that features an internal elastic band to keep your precious cargo secure.

    Go ahead and toss that throwback case to the side.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.