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25 Harry Potter Accessories You'll Actually Want To Wear

Accio swag.

1. A Deathly Hallows baseball cap will be the perfect addition to your OOTD.

2. A gold Harry Potter ring will let you show your favorite wizard some serious love.

3. Expose a bit of your dark side with a gold horcrux ring.

4. This black and white Dark Mark choker is quite the statement piece.

5. A snitch bracelet will prove that your wristwear style is no game.

6. A S.P.E.W. badge is a must for #TeamHermione.

7. Give a nod to Harry's scar with a lightning bolt charm necklace. But if pricey jewelry isn't your thing, this less expensive lightning necklace will work too.

8. You may never want to take you laptop out of this glasses and quill computer case.

9. Show off a hand-stamped necklace with some classic words from Dumbledore.

10. You can even take your Gryffindor obsession to the gym with some comfy socks.

11. Prove that you will never forget the beloved Snape with an “Always” pin.

12. Show your devotion to that mighty gold and burgundy with a silver keychain.

13. Stunt on your fan club buddies with a Gryffindor snapback.

14. Give Harry’s trademark eyewear a try with a sleek pair of round metal eyeglasses.

15. This backpack will have you ready for your first day at Hogwarts.

16. Dress up your book bag or denim jacket with a set of colorful Harry Potter spell pins.

17. These canvas slippers will make you want tip around town without your invisibility cloak.

18. Carry a little bit of Dobby with you everyday by snagging this necklace.

19. You can pair this black and white scarf with endless looks.

20. Give your beauty products a new home in this magical makeup bag.

21. A set of stacked bracelets is a cute way to honor Mr. Potter.

22. Your Harry Potter fashions can have a minimal moment with a pair of lightening bolt earrings.

23. Feel free to let the world know your intentions with a Mischief Managed beanie.

24. Honor Ron Weasley’s greatness with a keychain.

25. And you’ll never want to put your phone down after snapping on this Hogwarts case.

Now that's an accessories upgrade Harry will definitely be proud of.

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