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42 Gifts Every Elephant Lover Will Want To Get This Year

Two trunks up for all of these gifts.

1. A cute pair of knit elephant gloves that you can button close to keep your fingers warm.

2. A plastic elephant holder that drains water from just-washed silverware or toothbrushes into a sink.

3. A ceramic dry erase memo elephant — that does include a black marker — to help keep track of your most important tasks for the day.

4. A pair of plush Happy Feet elephant slippers that will definitely be a lounging must-have.

5. And a cozy elephant robe to match your slippers.

6. A pack of colorful cartoon elephant phone stands you can use to free your hands while watching TV or movies on your phone or tablet.

7. A darling metal elephant wind chime that will look elegant hanging inside or outside your home.

8. An pack of elephant-shaped mini soaps that you can use as party favors or an unexpected decoration in your bathroom.

9. A stainless steel and beechwood elephant corkscrew.

10. A beautiful World Wildlife Fund elephant calendar that will teach you new elephant facts each month.

11. An adorable minimalist print that any Dumbo fan will adore.

12. A luxurious geometric elephant lamp that will be the talk of any room.

13. A set of pink elephant sticky notes and page markers that will keep you organized in the cutest way.

14. A shower curtain with a drawing of a smiling elephant spraying out a colorful bouquet of flowers from his trunk.

15. A pack of wool elephant socks to keep your toes toasty.

16. A pack of elephant paperclips that come in a bright green case.

17. A sweet crystal elephant plug you can use to keep your earphone jack free of unwanted dust.

18. An elephant wine holder made from veneered plywood that will have all your guests talking.

19. An elephant adult coloring book that includes 40 intricately patterned, henna, and paisley elephant designs.

20. A lovely set of wooden coasters with hand-carved elephants on them.

21. A gold-and-cream analog elephant watch that will become any fashion lover's go-to accessory.

22. A pretty pair of gold elephant bookends to dress up your bookshelf.

23. A throw pillow that features one extremely wise-looking pachyderm.

24. A wood-and-zinc metal wall rack with five elephants whose trunks you can use to hang items on.

25. A magical set of sheets and pillowcases that feature a minimal elephant print.

26. An elephant document organizer that looks like it should be in an art museum.

27. A gleaming anagram elephant ring holder made from copper.

28. An awww-worthy humidifier that will brighten your face while adding a little extra moisture to your room.

29. A tri-tone elephant barrette to add a stylish touch to your hair.

30. An antique silver elephant pen holder to give a subtle nod to the majestic animal.

31. A gold elephant bracelet that you can personalize with an initial.

32. A set of elephant shakers with interlocked trunks you can use for salt and pepper or other spices.

33. A glamorous pair of navy C. Wonder suede elephant loafers.

34. A black and white elephant sweatshirt that will be a whimsical addition to any outfit.

35. A glass and aluminum elephant cake plate or silver spoon rest to bring some extra good luck to your next dinner party.

36. A super-cuddly elephant bean bag chair that comes with a matching mini elephant toy.

37. A sweet two-tone elephant necklace that is perfect for a new mommy.

38. A colorful rubberwood puzzle that will keep any little one entertained.

39. A recycled-brass elephant trinket box to store necklaces, rings, or other tiny items.

40. The books An Elephant's Life: An Intimate Portrait From Africa or African Elephants: A Celebration of Majesty, which are both packed with breathtaking images of the beautiful animals.

41. A dishwasher-safe elephant teapot that will be a welcome guest at tea time.

42. And an epic DIY paper elephant mask template that you can download instantly to take on the challenge of folding your own pachyderm masterpiece.

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