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12 Simple Ways To Make Money On Things You Already Buy

Getting more cash back is easier than you think.


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If you've never heard of Ebates before, get ready to make some easy money.

Ebates is a service that allows you to earn cash back on what you buy online. You simply have to use their site to shop through the thousands of Ebates partner stores, and you’ll receive money back for your purchases.

For the full details on Ebates and how to join, see the video below.

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And now that we are all caught up, here are some tips to help you make a little more cash with your Ebates account.

1. Download the Ebates app on your phone.

With the Ebates app, you can get notifications about the latest deals happening at your favorite stores. You can even use the app to make purchases at the over 1700 online Ebates stores, meaning you have no reason to miss a cash back opportunity.

Get the Ebates app from the iTunes Store and Google Play for free.

2. Install the Ebates Cash Back button on your browser.

The Cash Back button gives you a flashing alert if you visit an Ebates partner site. If you choose to activate your account through the button, you will be able to get cash back on your purchases without visiting the first. The button also applies store-specific coupons that are eligible to your purchases as well.

You can download the button for Chrome, Firefox and Safari for free.

3. Link your card for in-store cash back deals.

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To receive in-store cash back on purchases, you must verify a card — either on the app or site — to be used for your transactions at the limited stores that offer the in-store option.

But you must link your card separately for each store. And the purchase through the linked card must be charged as credit for the transaction to qualify for cash back. Also, the in-store deals change from time to time. So a store may not always be available for the in-store cash back.

4. Order your toiletries, laundry detergent and paper products online through stores like and Walgreens.

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One simple tip is to buy products you typically purchase every month — like toilet paper, paper towels and dish detergent — at on one or more of the drugstore sites on Ebates.

It may take a little research to figure out the best quantity and schedule for purchasing these items online for your household. But at least you know you’ll be making a little extra cash on those items versus just buying them in a physical store without any dollars coming back your way.

Get Ebates drugstore deals at, Walgreens and Vons.

5. Buy your makeup and other beauty products online at stores like Sephora and Ulta.

Cosmetics can also have a major cash back return if you buy through Ebates retailers, depending on the dollar amount of your orders. If you are refilling several pans in a palette or only replacing your favorite lippie, Ebates most likely has a department store or cosmetics chain where you can find the beauty products you need.

Get Ebates makeup and beauty deals at Birchbox, Tarte and

6. Purchase plane tickets, hotels and even rental cars for your next group trip or family vacation using sites like Expedia and Priceline.

There are several travel sites, airlines, hotels and rental car companies that offer cash back deals through Ebates. Purchasing trips through these sites, if possible, gives you a chance to see a little return on your travels.

There is typically a limit on how much cash back you will earn on travel-related purchases, though, with most sites only offering 1 percent cash back.

Get Ebates travel deals from Travelocity, Orbitz and

7. Go ahead and launch that website you've been working on.

You can even purchase domains and web hosting through Ebates participating sites, with some companies — including HostGator and Bluehost — offering an immediate $3 to $30 cash back for buying one of their hosting packages.

Get Ebates web hosting and domain deals from GoDaddy, and Yahoo Small Business.

8. Share the Ebates love with your besties.


One of the easiest ways to get a little extra money through Ebates is by inviting friends to join. Ebates pays you $5 for every person you refer to the site who goes on to shop at a retailer that is an Ebates partner.

You will receive your own referral code to send to how many ever people you want once you set up your account. And you receive additional cash bonuses for each referral you give that meets the sites qualifications.

9. Pick your favorite stores on the website or app.


Make sure to choose your most beloved stores in the “Favorite Stores” part of the site under the “My Account” section. Clicking the little heart beside your faves will ensure you receive email updates and alerts on your phone about any increases in those stores' cash back percentages and updates on store-specific flash sales.

10. Wait for a Double Cash Back Day to buy your items.

If you don't need an item immediately or want to think about it a little longer, then place it in your online shopping cart or waitlist and hold out until a Double Cash Back Day at that retailer.

The list of stores offering Double Cash Back changes each week. Some Double Cash Back events can last over a week, depending on the retailer. Some stores also couple additional store discounts with their Double Cash Back deals.

11. Try an item on in the store before making the purchase online.

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We all know that one of the toughest parts of online shopping is that you can't try items on. But if you know you need to see how something fits before committing to buying it online — especially if it's a splurge purchase — consider trying it on in the store if you can. That way, you can confirm your size and then purchase it at home or even on the Ebates app right at the store.

12. And remember to take advantage of in-store pickup.

If you are in a serious time crunch and can't wait for your online order to be delivered, then use in-store pickup for the item — if the store offers that service. That way, you can get your Ebates credit for buying the item online, and then just swing by the store to pick up your purchase.

So you are now on your way to becoming an Ebates extraordinaire. Have fun cashing your next Big Fat Check!

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