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37 Cheap Products That'll Make Your Car So Much Better

Your car will be basic no more.

1. A fierce set of car lashes that will make it clear there’s no vehicle badder than yours.

2. A tiny duster to capture every pesky piece of dust in your air-conditioner vents.

3. A gleaming set of crown tire caps, which will make your car the most elegant whip on the road.

4. An expandable hanger bar to finally organize that messy closet in your backseat.

5. A Back to the Future Flux Capacitor USB charger that will have you ready to do a little time traveling.

6. A set of car headrest hooks you can use to keep purses, bookbags, and even grocery bags within reach.

7. A DIY car molding strip, so you can quickly dress up your vehicle's interior in the coolest way.

8. An adorable seatbelt pad to keep your little one super comfy while riding in a car seat.

9. A hilarious power plug cap that'll make your bestie think twice about riding shotgun.

10. A waterproof pet bench so you can protect your seats from your favorite passenger's scratches, fur, and dirt.

11. A license plate bottle opener that’s perfect for a day at the beach or popping open your favorite sparkling water before work.

12. A set of two headlight wipes to get your brights gleaming again.

13. Or a professional headlight restoration you can schedule through Amazon Home Services — so you can let someone else do all the hard work!

14. A super cute set of pink bow headrest cushions to keep your neck supported in style.

15. A console coin holder to give that change in your cup holder a new place to go.

16. A mini humidifier you can clip onto your air vent, making the air in your car fresher than that new car smell.

17. A trash can with a velcro closure that will keep trash off your car’s floor.

18. A six-port car charger to keep your entire crew on 100%.

19. An extremely soft bamboo charcoal seat cushion for some serious relief during long commutes.

20. A super-strong dashboard mat you can use to hold sunshades, electronics, and other items.

21. A set of visor tissue holders so you’ll never have to share Kleenex with whoever’s on the passenger’s side.

22. A cute set of coaster lights that are charged by solar power — because no one has time for boring cup holders!

23. A folding organizer, so you'll finally get your messy trunk back in working condition.

24. A vibrant grass cover to bring a touch of greenery to your car — and keep your pup from standing on your car's console.

25. A heavy-duty floor mat set you can count on to keep your car dirt-free.

26. A mirror decal that’ll jokingly let you live out your Fast & Furious dreams — though it's best you stick to the speed limit at all times.