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    17 Inexpensive Products That'll Make Your Journal Even More Awesome

    Make your journal look like perfection.

    1. Design title pages for your journal with neon sticky dividers large enough to decorate with words and other illustrations.

    2. Invest in an affordable calligraphy pen set and the book Learn Calligraphy to take your lettering ideas to new heights.

    3. Divide your goals or separate your pages into multiple sections using different colored washi tape or a days of the week tape roll.

    4. Make a color index using a set of dual-tip brush pens that can write both thick and thin ink lines.

    5. And avoid the heartache of unwanted ink stains with a pack of fine-tip Sharpie art pens that don't bleed through pages like thicker-tipped Sharpie pens.

    6. Create some beautiful headers and backgrounds to write and draw on with a set of watercolor paints and watercolor brushes.

    7. Keep smudges and leftover pencil marks from ruining your pretty pages with a pack of Hi-Polymer erasers that remove lead with ease.

    8. Attach some adorable cat sticker dividers to the top of your pages to identify sections of your journal or flag pages you may need to update or find quickly.

    9. Make the drawing process easier — especially if you aren’t the best artist — with a sturdy set of planner-size stencils that’ll work for various sections in your journal.

    10. Use a whiteout tape roll to quickly correct any mistakes you’ve made while writing in your book.

    11. Draw even lines and make perfect grids with an 18-inch plastic ruler that will cover both sides of your journal's pages at one time.

    12. Give some circle design templates a go — like a wheel calendar or pie chart for financial tracking — with a flexible jumbo circle stencil.

    13. Brighten up your pages with a gang of highlighter pens you can use to identify important dates, trace over page headings, or simply fill in white space.

    14. Code the dishes in your meal log or decorate the section’s header with a colorful food tape roll.

    15. And specifically force yourself to break your fast food habit with a pack of "No Junk Food" tracker stickers designed to fit the pages of a range of popular planners and notebooks.

    16. Track the dates for your goals on your individual journal pages using an undated mini calendar stamp.

    17. And pack away all of your journaling tools in one place with a space-saving plastic storage case that features adjustable dividers for pencils, stencils, and any other design goodies.

    May your journaling days continue to be happy and bright.

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