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20 Things Every "Beauty And The Beast" Fan Needs To Own

You’ll be begging these items to be your guest.

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1. A pair of magnifying glasses that even Maurice would be jealous of.

2. A gorgeous tea set that looks like Mrs. Potts and Chip.

3. And a gold bar cart for it to sit on.


4. An elegant hand mirror that is surely enchanted.

5. A handsome mantle clock with the perfect handlebar mustache — just like Cogsworth's!

6. A timeless throwback poster from the Broadway premiere of the Beauty and the Beast musical in 1994.

7. An alluring feather duster that no grubby mantle — or charming candlestick — can ignore.


8. A stained glass rose lamp that is beyond magical.

9. A burgundy footstool you’ll love as much as Sultan.

10. Adorable planner stickers to keep your life and reading schedule in order.

11. This upcycled wardrobe that could easily be Madame de la Grande Bouche’s twin sister.


12. A dramatic black hooded cape in case you run into a glittering, prince-transforming rain shower.

Walt Disney Pictures,

Get it from Asos for $52. Available in 1 color, one size fits all, with free shipping on orders over $40.

13. Vintage yellow napkins that make you want to twirl.

14. A set of floral wingback armchairs that look straight from the Beast’s parlor.

15. A bookshelf that is the definition of "Home Library Goals."


16. Or a budget-friendly ladder bookcase that may be the best option for your current book storage needs.

17. A gold candelabra that will effortlessly steal the show like Lumière.

18. An antique wood burning stove so you can be a beast in the kitchen like Chef Bouche.

19. A coat rack that can clearly hold his own.


20. And finally, a delicate rose ring to always remind you not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.

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