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18 Products That Will Take Any Beard To The Next Level

You should probably clear some space on your bathroom counter.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community for the best products to maintain a healthy beard and even searched on our own for some standout products. Here is the full roundup of beard care suggestions:

1. Gibs's 3-in-1 Man Wash.

2. A few drops of jojoba oil.

3. 1740 Beard Balms’ soap.

4. E.B.O.’s beard butter.

5. The Beard Bro comb to help you get a precise shape-up.

6. A bottle of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.

7. Billy Jealousy’s beard kit.

8. The Bearded Bastard’s Simply Vanilla beard oil.

9. A solid pair of mustache scissors.

10. Gnarly Beard Co’s hot-oil beard treatment.

11. Lush Cosmetics’ Kalamazoo beard and face wash.

12. Kiehl’s beard oil.

13. Neal's Yard Remedies’ Rosemary and Cedarwood conditioner.

14. Detroit Grooming Co.’s beard grooming kit.

15. Catholic Balm Co’s beard balm and brush.

16. Scotch Porter’s beard wash.

17. A beard trimming kit will knock out any unruly hairs.

18. And if all else fails, there’s a foolproof way to get your beard back in order — a razor!

But with all these products at you finger tips, we're certain a fresh start won't be necessary.

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