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    20 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

    A skull pen holder, pretty striped dress, bottle of Pure Bliss setting spray, and 17 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

    1. A handpainted skull pen holder that’ll add some instant spooky vibes to your workspace (or even your makeup brush collection).

    2. An elastic-waist striped dress with pockets you may find yourself reaching for every darn day.

    3. A copy of How to Be a Good Creature to reveal the lessons Sy Montgomery has learned from interactions with 13 animals that have had a great impact on her life.

    4. A bottle of Sky Organics Castor Oil, which has vitamins and fatty acids designed to hydrate and nourish skin as well as promote hair growth.

    5. A copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man so you can get into some serious web-slinging action on your PlayStation 4.

    6. A bottle of Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray to protect your locks from frizzing up when it's super humid.

    7. A Legendary Whitetails flannel, which'll keep you cozy as the temperatures begin to drop.

    8. A bottle of Pure Bliss Setting Spray to keep your makeup intact throughout the day — and for a quick spritz of hydration whenever you want to feel refreshed.

    9. A copy of The Wonky Donkey so you can get a good laugh out of the story about an unexpected run-in with an adorable donkey.

    10. A curve-hugging dress available in both short- and long-sleeved versions that'll be perfect for your next night out.

    11. A pretty unicorn lamp for lighting up your life in the most magical way.

    12. A copy of The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Book so you can finally try out some of the recipes from the beloved show.

    13. A versatile, comfy shirt with a slide split that'll easily look chic if you dress it up or totally cool and casual for a dressed-down look.

    14. A copy of Mary Poppins to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic movie.

    15. A super cute L.O.L. Surprise Glam Glitter Doll that’ll give your little one an adorable new friend.

    16. A Hershey’s variety pack of individually wrapped candy so you’ll be all stocked up for Halloween night — or, let's be real, whenever you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

    17. A gorgeous set of affordable glassware that'll give you an excuse to FINALLY replace your mismatched set.

    18. A comfy Big Joe bean bag chair — which has built-in pockets to hold your phone, remote, and books — to provide your home or classroom with some extra seating in the most fun way.

    19. A stick of Nerdwax for making sure your eyeglasses or sunglasses never slip off of your face again.

    20. A copy of Solo, which’ll take you on yet another quest on the Millennium Falcon as you witness the beginning of Han Solo’s heroic journey.

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