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20 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A squatting stool for healthier pooping, a pretty makeup-palette organizer, an adorable set of kitten agenda tabs, and 17 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

1. A plastic toilet stool — complete with a detailed poop guide — to make sure you are going No. 2 in the healthiest way.

2. An acrylic makeup organizer that will get your army of palettes in perfect order.

3. An adorable set of kitten tab dividers to make sure your organization plans are purrfection.

4. A gorgeous handmade lava-stone bracelet that features a gleaming druzy stone.

5. An LED mushroom lamp with 16 color options — which will add some whimsical charm to any room.

6. A copy of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck for tips and advice on uncovering a happier life in a busy world.

7. A fluffy strawberry-scented stress ball that will let you decompress in fragrant fashion.

8. A pretty Outlander calendar to transport you into the dramatic world of Claire Randall.

9. A set of collapsible silicone dog bowls you can clip on to your belt loop or bookbag while out with your favorite pup.

10. A six-piece set of cabinet organizers that will immediately cut down your kitchen clutter.

11. A translucent powder made of natural minerals and refreshing mint, so you can give your makeup extra staying power.

12. A super-hydrating bottle of sweet almond oil, which will bring some extra moisture to dry and damaged skin.

13. A water-resistant portable solar lantern that you can use during a camping trip or for some late-night reading.

14. A sturdy nylon and suede wallet with an elastic front pocket you can use to hold your headphones.

15. A subscription to The Family Handyman — for an endless supply of DIY and home-improvement project inspirations.

16. A super-thin pair of reading glasses that are attached to a sturdy keychain — so you will always know where your specs are.

17. A colorful set of chalk markers you can use to write on car windows, mirrors, and — obviously — chalkboards!

18. A badass skeleton middle-finger sticker for those days you have no time for mess.

19. A copy of Moonlight — to get another moving look at the Oscar-winning masterpiece.

20. An affordable virtual-reality headset you can use to watch movies and play games on your phone.

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