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18 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A gorgeous cherry blossom lamp, pink clay face mask, pretty acrylic makeup organizer, and 15 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A beautiful cherry blossom lamp that will bring a warm glow to any room.

Promising Review: "This light is great. We got this for out mom, and she loved it!" —Niraj Athawale

Get it for $26.99. Available in two colors.

2. A pink clay face mask that will leave your skin feeling beyond refreshed. / Via Instagram/HerbivoreBotanicals

Promising Review: "This stuff is fantastic. My skin is soft for days after I use this mask. It comes as a powdered clay that they recommend you mix with water. I have used this mask on five of my friends, and every person responded really well to it. It makes your skin glow and feel so smooth." —Ms. Neona Rice

Get it for $26.

3. A pretty chrome-and-white side table that will give you all the design feels.

Promising Review: "I have an older house with mixed decor, and this table works and looks great in it! It took less than 20 minutes to put together and was packed well, with no shipping damage. For the price, you can't beat it. It has a high-gloss finish that looks very modern and makes it easy to clean up." —Todd Hidalgo

Get it for $49.29. Available in seven colors.

4. A large acrylic makeup organizer to keep your beauty items in one place.

Promising Review: "This amazing organizer has put everything at my fingertips instead of my beauty items being in different bags and drawers." —Calderman

Get it for $11.99.

5. A wall-mounted hanging pot that will most definitely leave your guests speechless.

Promising Review: "I bought this for my daughter's college dorm room. She and her roommates love it. It seems to be the perfect size for her Betta fish. She loves how it does not take up any desk space and would not easily be knocked off of any counter top. She has received lots of compliments on it. And the tank hangs securely on the screw that was provided with it." —Mitch

Get it for $17.26.

6. A special edition Legend vinyl that features some of Bob Marley’s most iconic songs.

Promising Review: "This vinyl is simply fantastic! The album has not left my turntable since it arrived. It came well packaged and sounds wonderful!" —Verushka

Get the vinyl for $19.71.

7. A pretty pink bumper case that will protect your phone in style.

Promising Review: "I bought the iPhone 6s Plus case as a gift for my wife. She absolutely loved it! It fit her phone perfectly, and I love the clear back. It offers good protection, makes her phone look stylish, and is overall a great product." —Jesse Feyereisen

Get it for $8.99.

8. An affordable pair of wireless over-ear headphones that will give you epic sound.

Promising Review: "I have only used these headphones a handful of times. But I have to say the quality of music you hear through them is very good. Also, my head is a little small, and they fit me just fine." —LKH

Get them for $35.98. Available in six colors.

9. A pack of divider Sticky Notes that provide endless organization options.

Promising Review: "The quality of these Sticky Notes is really nice. And the colors are vibrant and dual-sided. The stickies come packaged like a little notebook, with a clear plastic cover. And the lines are more wide-ruled. I am very happy with these, and I gave one set to my son for his classes." —Living In SoCal

Get a pack of 60 notes for $6.69.

10. An exfoliating back scrubber with two textured sides that easily clean your back and other hard-to-reach areas.

Promising Review: "I love this scrubber! It's very well made, and I love that there are two different textures. One side is a loofah and the other side is softer. I just recently got mine. And it was just in time to help me take care of post-sunburn back peeling that I was unable to reach prior to purchasing this! I found it extremely helpful that there was an information card included that told me how to properly wash and care for it. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone considering buying a loofah!" —Sheri

Get it for $13.85.

11. A copy of the Disney classic Robin Hood for a heartwarming walk down memory lane.

Promising Review: "This movie is perfect! It is such a sweet, funny story with beautiful details and lovable characters." —My First Kindle

Get it for $3.99+. Available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Amazon Video.

12. A colorful throwback Simon game to keep your memory sharp.

Promising Review: "Simon is a blast from the past! It is now touch-sensitive, so the buttons don't move like the old version. But I'm very happy with my purchase." —Etechhy

Get it for $16.40.

13. A comfy pair of Champion sneakers you may never want to take off.

Promising Review: "I love these shoes! I have been doing cross training for over four years, and I had to replace my expensive Nikes with another sneaker. These sneakers broke in really fast, are super comfortable, and offer great support!" —Rachel

Get them for $24.99+. Available in 18 colors, Women’s sizes 5-13.

14. A fun virtual-reality headset you can use to watch 3D movies, music videos, and even play games on your phone.

Promising Review: "These virtual-reality glasses are amazing! I got this VR headset thinking that it would be a fun birthday present for my husband, and it didn't disappoint!" —David B.

Get it for $29.99.

15. A drama-free planner that offers an extremely minimal layout to help you keep your day in order.

Promising Review: "This is an all-around perfect planner. I have been looking for something that is already dated and can combine a journal and planner. This planner has plenty of room to write and make lists on the top half of the weekly calendar. I use the top part as a food and exercise log. It also has enough room to write mileage for my work each day. My only regret was that I did not buy this at the beginning of the year!" –Heidi O.

Get it for $9.50.

16. A handsome space heater that will warm up your room in the most elegant way.

Promising review: "This is the second heater we have purchased. We are able to keep the thermostat set low and still remain nice and comfortable in the rooms we use the most. Our recent utility bill ranked us as being 2 percent more efficient than the most efficient home in the surrounding neighborhood, which is pretty impressive. We have recommended this heater to our friends, who now own one as well." —The Bennetts

Get it for $96.67.

17. An NYX highlighting and contouring kit to give your makeup game some new angles.

Promising Review: "I was so excited to give this to my younger daughter. My oldest daughter had to try it out just to make sure her sister would like it — and she owns the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette. My oldest daughter said she really likes this one, as well, so I guess I'll be buying another one!" —Stephanie

Get it for $19.99.

18. A super sweet DIY baby footprint frame kit that any parent will adore.

Promising Review: "This was fun to do, but I had to get creative. Working with an infant was a little tricky. I ended up with two footprints and his name written across the top. I then added two photos, making it a great birthday present for his mom!" —Kelly

Get it for $25.97.

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