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20 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A pair of toast-shaped USB hand warmers, a mushroom garden, a ukulele kit, and 17 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. An adorable set of USB-powered toast hand warmers to keep your fingers feeling cozy during the workday.

Promising Review: “These hand warmers are great for authors, writers, or anyone who uses a computer a lot and lives in a colder environment. They keep my hands warm while still allowing them to be free enough to type.” —Truth Be Told

$35.99 / Available in four colors.

2. A guzzler helmet that will take your sipping game to new levels.

Promising Review: “I gave this to my husband for his 21st birthday. He has a big head, so we were both happy that the hat was adjustable and fit! He loved it and wore it around the house all morning. It is definitely worth the buy.” —Mrs. Zuniga

Price: $2.99+ / Available in five colors.

3. An organic oyster mushroom garden that grows out of a simple box.

The kit includes organic, plant-based soil, oyster mushroom spawn, a spray mister for watering, and organic heirloom tomato seeds.

Promising Review: “Growing mushrooms is the best thing ever! It is so easy and fun. I have successfully grown a few flushes from one of these boxes. I highly recommend this as it is so cool to watch the daily growth progress!” —Piadoodle

Price: $45

4. A beautiful set of five makeup brushes with a coordinating case.

Promising Review: “These brushes are beautiful and super soft on your skin. All my friends were in love with them and the price is not bad at all. The case is super cute, as well.” —Yvette Salazar

Price: $19.95

5. The book Hamilton: The Revolution, which details the story behind the hit Broadway musical.

Promising Review: “This is a great book for any fan of Hamilton or for those who haven't seen it — if you want to be spoiled! It collects stories behind the production, dialogue and lyrics of the musical, accompanying the stories with pretty photographs. The book is beautifully designed. It is printed on uncoated paper with heavily-deckled edges and a spine that emulates the look of books that could have been in Alexander Hamilton's personal library.” —Beats in the Box

Price: $16.99+ / Available in Hardcover and Kindle.

6. A set of two crystal salt lamps to give your room a gorgeous glow.

Promising Review: “These are an excellent value and arrived very quickly. They were packaged well and they give off a wonderful glow. I absolutely love them. If I had room in my house for two more, I'd buy another set of them.” —Right 2 Liberty

Price: $49.99

7. A pretty pair of silver wing ear cuffs with a clear drop charm.

Promising Review: “These earrings are very pretty and lots of fun. I’m going to order a few pairs for my friends because they almost pulled them out of my ears when they saw them!” —Radovana V.

Price: $3.24

8. A gumball bank to help you save your coins while enjoying a tasty treat.

Promising Review: “This gumball machine is made of sturdy metal and true to size. My neighbor mistook it for an antique and offered to buy it from me. It is such a great buy.” —Pink Peonies

Price: $29.94

9. A brushed nickel bathroom organizer with glitzy mosaic glass detailing.

Promising Review: “This organizer is beautiful, as well as functional. I got this for my daughter’s bathroom, which is always in need of help. The brushed silver and the decorative mosaic detail matched similar pieces she already owned. She has put her toothbrushes, razors, and moisturizers in this terrific organizer.” —Kim

Price: $24.99

10. A magnetic dart board that just may become your new favorite game.

Promising Review: “This is a fun and high-quality toy. The magnets are powerful and they stick each time they are used. It is a good price for the money.” —Daniel Ma

Price: $29.99

11. An awesome ukulele starter kit that comes with a Kala ukulele, tote bag, and helpful playing guide.

Promising Review: “My wife loves to play guitar and she tried our friend’s ukulele this summer. She instantly enjoyed playing it, so I decided to get her one for Christmas. I did a little research and found out this one was good for beginners. It is well made, has a great sound, and is reasonably priced. My wife is very happy with it.” —Jenifer


12. A set of four crystal wine bottle stoppers that are perfect for keeping your bottle fresh.

Promising Review: “I love that these come in two sizes. They fit super snug on the bottle, keeping the inside goodness nice and fresh. I guess this means I don't have to finish the bottle in one sitting! The presentation is beautiful and the stoppers work great.” —Sandra

Price: $24.99

13. A handy glass bottle cutter that you can use to make tons of creative projects.

Promising Review: “I’m so glad I bought this. It is a good price and easy to operate.” —Amazon Customer

Price: $22.99

14. A fun bubble machine to liven up your next get-together.

Promising Review: “After putting in the batteries and starting this bad boy up, I was shocked at how many bubbles this little machine produced. We've been using this machine the entire week with no issues and my kiddo loves playing in the hurricane of bubbles.” —Kimberly

Price: $15.97+

15. A pretty pack of Vincent Van Gogh guitar picks.

Promising Review: “The picks came exactly as pictured. I got them as a present for my girlfriend to go with her new guitar and she loved them. They are packaged tightly and in a protective plastic case. The detail is great and she says they are sturdy.” —Emily

Price: $17.99

16. The full Star Wars trilogy for one epic walk down memory lane.

Promising Review: “I bought this for my husband and he loves it. Since the rating is supposed to be from me, I should rate it a one star because he drives me crazy with the movies. But since the rating is based on the product and not the use of the product , I’ll give it five stars because he obviously enjoys the purchase!” —Jen

$34.96+ / Available in Blu-ray and DVD.

17. A pack of vintage-themed craft pictures and embellishments for your next scrapbooking project.

Promising Review: “The paper and print quality is superior and can hold up to plenty of stuff, including being brushed, sprayed, sanded, and coated. I used some of these to cover a composition book, taking it from boring to exciting in a matter of hours. The hardest part of working with these pieces is deciding which ones to use!” —JK

Price: $3.40

18. An oversized weaving loom that includes needles, a design booklet, and rainbow yarn to inspire your next creation.

Promising Review: “This is a great tool to learn how to weave. I am 65 and bought it for myself. It was easy to figure out and easy to play with. After I used the string provided to run up and down, I immediately put the yarn aside and started weaving with strips torn from fabric. It is a great tool to learn with.” —Daphne Gallagher

Price: $22.75

19. A pair of 1 More headphones that come with a microphone and remote that can be used with Apple or Android devices.

Promising Review: "I'm impressed with the quality of these headphones, and the price. The packaging is very impressive and the headphones are enjoyable for listening to music.” —Hilda A

Price: $84.99

20. A pack of 10 chokers that can go with endless outfits and includes a drawstring storage bag.

Promising Review: “I absolutely love this pack of chokers. It has a nice variety of styles and the material is soft, stretchy, and doesn't feel extremely cheap. I plan to buy another pack for my sister since she won't stop taking mine.” —Sarah Sutton

Price: $15.99

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