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All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a Bonsai tree kit, car vacuum, hot rollers set, and more!

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1. 53% off an indoor Bonsai tree kit.

2. 66% off a 10-foot micro USB cable.

3. 49% off dimmable string lights with a wireless remote.


4. 20% off a sonic skin care system.

5. 60% off a car vacuum.

6. 38% off a set of Panasonic in-ear headphones.


9. 50% off a non-slip memory foam bath rug.


12. 66% off a 100-pack of gel pens.

13. 20% off a hot rollers set.

14. 63% off a wireless portable bluetooth speaker.


16. 30% off a freezable lunch bag.

17. 20% off a Disney Collection Belle kabuki brush.

18. 90% off a Martha Stewart Living subscription.

19. 27% off a vintage oriental rug.


20. 46% off a Timex leather strap watch.

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